Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow party (part 1)

Okay so I am starting from the 4:00 pm NO POWER part of the storm!! If you are lost you can go back and read here. On my way home from school I was just in AWE of how much snow had covered the area. When I got home I was greeted by a sweet little puppy that LOVES to play in the snow and Chris.

We had discussed that we really wanted to enjoy the snow, however were worried about not having power to warm back up. However, since the message from Encore said it would be back on at 4 we went ahead and had a snow party. Well our party had to hold for a moment, while I dug through my drawers looking for my snow gear. Since I have moved I don't really remember where everything is located. Especially not snow gear you don't need in Fort Worth. Once I was dressed we were off to play.

Chris and Winston with their first snow ball for our snowman...

Our first task of course was a snowman. This was the perfect snowman was so moist. The snow just rolled right up so easily, it was super. The hardest part really was picking up the enormous ball of snow for the middle and head. Oh and then a certain fiance and puppy had just finished of the carrots on Wednesday night. Well we had to make do with what we had, 2 limes and a banana!! I think our rather large snowman looked super! Winston really liked him too.

After building the snowman I wanted to make a snow angel. I mean everyone has to make a snow angel, right? Then Winston loved catching snowballs. He was so cute. Oh and did I mention that Winston doesn't really RUN in the snow, he hops like a bunny. I think it is because the snow is so deep. It really is the cutest thing I have ever seen. (Once I can up load videos I will, I am sure you will be waiting right?)

then for fun...our names in the snow!!
We enjoyed our little snow party for a little over an hour then headed back in. Sadly we headed back into a POWERLESS house still. I mostly felt bad for poor Winston. I mean he loves playing in the snow. We had to limit his snow for the rest of the night since we didn't really have a way to dry him off. You know towel drying is not enough when there is no heat. Bob well she was not too pleased about the chilled house.

However, she did just fine...I gave her some extra blankets to curl up in. Our real snow party began on Friday....stay tuned for some AMAZING pictures of the area!
Chris pushing over an extra ball of snow we had made! 

Did I mention that Chris bought me the most beautiful flowers too!  He picked them up on the way home from work...we worried that the lack of heat would hurt them.  However they have done just amazing really!


Kara said...

Fun! Lola hops like a bunny through the snow and it brings me such joy to watch her. It is the cutest thing ever!

Ummm... do you know where the florists keep flowers? In a refrigerator! They will keep better in the cold than they will a warm house, so they'll probably last you longer!

Lara Harris said...

SO cute!:)