Thursday, February 06, 2014

My little sponge

Recently Miss H has become such the little chit chatter.  She loves to carry on conversations now about anything.  I am not sure who she takes after (wink wink).  This week we have had 2 very specific moments that have been so amazing to me!  She is such a little sponge and just soaks up life and all it offers.  I love watching her learn and grown it amazes me daily.

Tuesday is our very busy day! We get up early and have to leave he house by 8:15 in order to make it to mommy and me yoga at 9.  As you know we now live in our sweet small town…that has train tracks like most small towns right?  Well, if you hit the train you should just add an extra 15-20 minutes to your life…so you need to plan your departure around that! Needless to say if we leave a second after 8:15 we end up 5 min late to yoga! YIKES  Anyways I digress…on the way to yoga we listen to our music cd because at 11:30 we go to music at TCU.  As we are listening Miss H starts laughing and this is our conversation.
Me: whats so funny missy?
H: Oh Sinston (Wintson the dog)!!
Me: What about Winston he is at home?
H: Stinky toots
Me: When did Winston have stinky toots?
H: Oh Saturday at chooo choo, stinky toots mommy.
Me: Oh yes, you are right Saturday Winston did toot in the car.

This past Saturday we took Winston into town to get groomed, you have to cross the tracks.  After we did that Winston had tooted so H and I discussed that it was stinky and could he please wait till we get to the groomers fro that.  Amazing how crossing the tracks on Tuesday morning she comes up with this story again!  I swear this little girl is just soaking up the world!

Then last night we had another little chat.  After her bath we snuggled up in bed to wait on Chris to get home.  He was working late..I was watching American Idle and she was playing in our bed reading and such.  Then out of no where she begins to ask me about my sweet friend Alison's puppies.
Back story: Alison and I taught together and she often will watch H if we need like an hour sitter between Chris coming home and me having tennis.  She is the best friend a girl could ask for.  So I normally take H to Alison's house where she and her son play with our sweet girl.  They have 2 dogs Tucker and Sam.  Well the pups have been staying in College Station with Alison's mom and dad for a bit to give them some freedom and fun.  On Saturday Sam got out..and was hit by a car.  Alison and her son of course were heart broken….but H loves her dogs just as much as Winston.  So I told H what happened on Sunday because she was wanting to go play with the puppies.
So out of no where H begins this conversation with me about Alison's pups Sam and Tucker.  I quickly turned my phone on so I could catch this moment.

She of course told me that Sam got hit by the car and was talking about it.  I asked her how that made her feel.  She said he was Happy because Bob Bob (our cat that we lost in October) was with him.  It blows my mind and how she understands,  She frequently will talk about Bob Bob and how she is in heaven because the dr put her there. But I am pretty sure we will now be adding Sam to this conversation.  Sweetest girl..with the best memory!  I love the phase of life that she is in.  I love being able to talk to her and understand what she is thinking. But then I am also sad that she is so big.  I mean it seems like just in the past month she has grown up by 10 years!  Please stop growing Miss H mommy doesn't want to miss a second of it!

These are the random things going on at our house..oh and the freezing cold weather! Grr we are ready for spring and our weekly visits to the zoo again!   Stay warm my friends.

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