Saturday, June 12, 2010

2 weeks till to go!!

But really I only have one week!! YIKES!! I have been so bad about blogging but my time is just so short. Okay let's do a quick recap of the past week.

Monday was my last offical day at my school. Mom and I spent the day loading up the cargo van and moving my classroom. Of course we moved it all to storage for the summer, boo. It only took us one an a half trips....thanks to the "good times" van. Since we had the "good times" van (a panneled cargo van) mom and I loaded up some of my old apartment items and headed for my sisters! She and my bro in law just buil my niece and nephew the cutest play house ever. Therefore my old day bed needed to make it's way down for the play house. We left town at about 6 pm or so and arrived in the big EC about 1230 am. It was a LONG day for sure.

Tuesday was spent working on wedding stuff. We got the fans printed and cut out. We got some other random items printed up too, like welcome notes, picture notes and othe stuff. Wednesday we packed up the "good times" van....adding my sister of course! Then off we went back to Fort Worth. We were on a tigh deadline as I had to take Chris to the airport. This is both his and I's bachalor/ett weekends.

Thursday I had a school summer workshop, I'm trying to get the ones I can done. Since I'm going to be gone for the rest of the month. Plus I don't want to have too many to do after I get back. Mom and Abby spent the day getting their hair cute and other small stuff. Then we spent the entire night packin our MANY suitecases full of wedding goodies.

Yesterday was wedding stuff all day! Packing and checking off list. Then we checked in to our hotel for the bachalorett weekend. Today I plan to be by the pool mostly. Then partying with the girls tonight.

When I get home I will post many pics of the week and weekend. Only one more week to finish the touches then we are off! Enjoy your weekend too!!!

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SabinaSage said...

HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU POST THIS FROM YOUR IPHONE MISSY?!?!!? I am TOTALLY jealous! Tell me tell me tell me!!

I hope your having a FABULOUS time and NOT stressing =)

I miss you tons! And post LOTS of pics! =)