Tuesday, June 01, 2010


IMG_3485This cute face above!!! Yes, that one!!  Well he makes me laugh everyday about something.  Today it was the fact that I was barely getting out of bed and he greets me with “HAPPY WEDDING MONTH!”  

That’s right it is our wedding month, oh my!!!  So much to do and less than a month to do it all.  At least I know Chris is excited about the wedding.  I mean what other FI do you know that jumps up to greet you on the First day of your wedding month.  Probably not too many. 

Oh a little side note here: BE PREPARED TO READ MANY WEDDING POST FOR THE NEXT MONTH!!  I know I have told yall that my blog would kind of be wedding central, but now that we are so close I am 100% certain it will be.  Sorry for that, people.  However, if you not a wedding follower check back next month.  Most (not all because we still have the Encore party on Aug 7) of the wedding chat will be done!  Off to do more wedding planning….yes it is late and A SCHOOL night (only 3 left thank heavens) but I have tons to do.  Heck I can sleep in July right?

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