Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Type A will not do here!!!

Or should I say, Chris can not handle it in his house right now.  He is very type A about keeping things in their place and such.  However when you live in a house with NO EXTRA space packing for a wedding can get a bit messy.  We (mom, Abby, and I) tried to do all of our packing and messy stuff while Chris was away at his bachelor party this weekend.  However, since I too had my bachelorette party time just got away from us.  Although mom and I did clean up pretty good before he headed home, our house is still under “wedding” construction!  That’s what I keep telling Chris anyways.  I mean come on how can you pack 8 suitcases and not make a mess, really?  That is impossible or so I believe it to be. 


the living room and kitchen were used for stuffing cups and packing them in that lovely suitcase next to me!!DSC_0260

this is what our bedroom looked like….here we did our counting of items and packed another suitcase. (sorry for the blurry pic…not sure what happened)

DSC_0261 DSC_0262 

Look Bob even enjoyed helping us pack things up since her brother was already at the kennel!! Our house is almost back to normal…ALMOST (key word here)

My packing list thus far:

  • one suitcase full of mugs and snacks for welcome bag (sent with my sister)
  • one suitcase full of welcome bag goodies (again sent with my sister)
  • one suitcase with my sand ceremony kit, cake topper, cake server, and other odds and ends (sent with my mom)
  • one suitcase with my rocks (rocks instead of guest book), golf stuff for the guys, and tons of table decorations for the wedding (sent with my mom)
  • one suitcase of my personal clothes for the wedding week and honeymoon week (sent with me)
  • one suitcase with my wedding day needs and other stuff (sent with me)
  • one suitcase with Chris’ personal needs for wedding and honeymoon weeks (sent with Chris)
  • one suitcase with his suit and wedding day needs plus what other odds and ends wedding stuff I can sneak in there (sent with Chris)

Okay for now that is what all I have packed….keep in mind Chris has not really packed his stuff yet. However, I am working on that…you know men they need a list to double check and such! Thankfully my sister is able to take 2 suitcases for us…she has 2 kiddos that wont need both of their allotted suitcases so has subbed in my 2 wedding ones!!

Also thankfully mom and dad are able to pack together and add a wedding suitcase to their list as well.  All the men are taking 2 suitcases because of their GOLF CLUBS!! Therefore eliminating any hopes of me sneaking an extra bag on with them.  Good news is each ticketed passenger gets 2 bags, one carry on (40lbs or less), and a personal carry on item.  I think we have worked out all our LUGGAGE needs!!!!  Oh and the best part since it is international NO LUGGAGE FEES!!  YIPPEEE!!! Also good news is if I forget anything I can just email Chris since he doesn’t leave till Thursday!!  Hopefully I wont have to.

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