Saturday, June 19, 2010

!!!ONE WEEK!!!


DSCF0009-1 (Here we are at our last party at home not married!!)

I sit here in disbelief that I am one week away from the day I have been longing for!  I just don’t know how it came so quickly!  However, I am more than ready for it.  I have completed packing for our trip.  I also have confirmed that Chris has the “MUST” pack items!

This past week these are the things I have accomplished:

  • packed my personal 2 suitcase
  • packed Chris’ 2 suitcase
  • verified our welcome dinner
  • verified the dress rehearsal dinner
  • up dated the wedding website (many times)
  • confirmed access to all areas of the resort for my guest
  • confirmed hotel reservation for Winston at puppy camp

DSC_0246 I’m going to miss this face….

  • Found a babysitter for Bob (thanks Polly and Kat)
  • had my nails done….yea!
  • double checked my wedding items that are packed
  • wrote all thank you notes up to TODAY for wedding gifts we received this week (I have really stayed on top of this and am very happy too!)
  • wrote all thank you notes from my bachelorette weekend
  • mailed my long distance bridesmaids, MIL, and flower girls their goodies for the trip
  • put some final touches on welcome bag items
  • made a welcome sign for the resorts front desk
  • cleared all memory cards for each camera
  • charged all camera batteries
  • prepared all Encore invitations to be mailed out on our wedding day!!!

Okay so those are just a few of the things I have done this week.  I hope that I have covered everything, but in reality I probably missed something!  Mom an dad will be here on Sunday; then we are off on Tuesday bright and early.  I will be so happy to get to the resort and start relaxing. 

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Monique said...

Found you on Kelly's Korner. Yeaaah! June 26 is fast approaching. Enjoy your very special day :)