Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It’s becoming REAL!

Okay planning the wedding for the girl makes the whole thing REAL; you know the fact that you are getting married.  However, for the guy it takes a little more….Since Chris went to his bachelor party this weekend he has seen the light…you know that he is ALMOST married!

waiting for marriage lcns

Yesterday was the biggest, “THIS IS REAL”, moment though.  We went to the court house and got our marriage license!!!  Chris is so cute, he printed up our form online and we just took it with us to save time.  We had to wait about 15 or so minutes to meet with a clerk.  Once we met with her, we showed our id’s to prove it really is us “getting married”.  Then due to the fact that we did marriage mentoring or state offers a discounted license rate.  Instead of paying 78 dollars we just paid 11 dollars, that ROCKED!!  We both held our right hand up and swore all our info was true and we wanted this marriage…blah blah blah…and at 3;00 pm yesterday we were given our license!  Yippee!!!  As soon as we got home I of course packed  it up so we wont forget it! 

chris w lcns

In other fun news I WON another BLOG giveaway!!  I am so stinking excited!!!  I won the giveaway from one of my FAVORITE blogs ever POB, Letters from a Pissed Off Bride!   I love this site because different brides can write in and well……….release all that pissed off energy from the horrible things that happened or made them so angry on their wedding day.  Really it is some good reading!  Anyways I won a set of six Go Against The Grain custom note cards and envelopes! I will use them for our Encore Celebration in August! She has some super cute products you should check them out!  Yippee what a super day we have had!!!  First the marriage license and now a blog winner!!  Okay so I must run to do some errands and check of my list….just wanted to share our big news! HA

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Abby said...

So excited for your victories. I really must say you have had great success at this blog entering business. Now you need to take your luck and head over to PW where the prizes are big!!

Can't wait for the wedding. We are so excited!!