Sunday, December 12, 2010

Come TACKY or don't come at all...

This weekend Chris and I hosted our  Second Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Party!!! I will have to say, and I am sure you are aware by now, I love, love, love hosting parties.  It is also a good thing my friends don't mind me always hosting.  This party is one of my FAVORITE out of all the parities we have.  You guessed it....dress up in your tacky Christmas gear and head on over to our house.

We spend the first half of the party just mingling, eating, and well enjoying some beverages.  The best part this year is that my new school friends got to mingle with my wonderful old school friends.  Also we threw a little birthday bash in, as it was Donna's birthday too!  Once everyone feels, well motivated I shall say, we head on over to our favorite little local spot....The Poop Deck!  Here we spend the rest of the night enjoying some MAD karaoke.  Everyone sings, dances, and has a blast.  This year I think was even better than last year.  Guess that means every year can only get better!  Hope you enjoy the MANY pictures to showcase our night of fun!

He too needed to be festive!

There's the birthday girl in the red sweater!!

Recapping our wedding toast!!

almost all the girls...getting down 

The gang hanging out and picking songs...yeah that's my butt wishing you a Happy Holiday!

Chris with the birthday girl!

a little pool action too

Can't you feel the LOVE!

Sing it Pirate Mike!!!

Oh did I mention we also do some ROCK'N dancing!!

To end the NIGHT!!


Abby said...

So funny! 1st Love Chris' garb! 2. Isn't against the rules to wear the same clothes every year? 3. Did anyone get injured or maimed during the events of this party! Fun times!

Aggie98 said...

I am dying over that plaid dress! LOL Celena