Thursday, December 23, 2010

North Pole Express

ALL ABORD!!!!  You know there was one little person who was super jazzed about our next adventure!  Yes sir Little B!!  He was not so thrilled about ICE, but the excitement level hit a high when we arrived at the North Pole Express.  Grapevine has a turned their little train area into a North Pole fun zone.

We were scheduled for the 6:30 departure to the North Pole.  Once we arrived there was much to do.  You could make a Christmas ornament, jump in the bounce house, have hot coco, and much more.  Oh the fun that we all had.  Prior to the train ride you were escorted into a nice warm tent.  Once inside the tent there was a cute little show that got you all ready for the ride.  The kids were able to go up on stage and sing and dance.  Some of the dads were even lucky enough to dance too (with much embarrassment).  After the show they escorted you down a pine lined trail to the train.  Once on board you had your ticket punched, then a visit from a special his wife!  It was a BLAST to say the least, just ask a certain 3 year old I know.

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