Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Recap

Chris and I had an amazing FRIST CHRISTMAS!!  Yippe...we had a blast celebrating with my family.  This year was no different than the past...except we added Chris to our festivities.  We got in to town around dinner time on Tuesday.  Wednesday was spent running errands and visiting my grandmother.

Little Bear and I always do some shopping together once we get to Amarillo.  You know so she can go shop for mommy and daddy.  This year Chris got to join in on our fun little shopping.  He also got to enjoy the gifts that 7 year olds come up with.  I will have to say she is a good gift giver!!!

Christmas Eve was spent like normal....making cookies and wrapping up gifts.  We use to do cookies at my grandmas, but this was our 2nd year at my parents.  It was fun, however just not the same as the past...I really missed having grandma there to help out.  Regardless the cookies still turned out like normal and very eatable.

After cookies Little Bear got to attend her first real Christmas Eve service.  Once she arrived home from church it was NORAD time.  We had to TRACK SANTA!!!  This was the first year Little Bear was really at that "I can't sleep I am so excited" stage.  She was too cute...and kept me up most of the night asking if it was time yet.

Around 7 we (Little Bear, Chris, and I ) finally convinced the others it WAS TIME to head out and see what Santa left.  You will never believe it but Santa brought everyone EXACTLY what they wanted.  Little Bear got a video camera and tri pod, Little B got a "big hellotoper" and a "TRUCK" like sissy jeep.

Christmas morning...our FIRST!

Dad so excited about his new one cup coffee maker! 

Chris was a bit sad about missing out on a few of his favorite Christmas moments (and family).  Therefore I sent out a small favor to his mom and dad....of course they were pleased to help.  He really loves getting his stocking goodies the will never guess what ARRIVED in Amarillo for Chris!

All in all Christmas was wonderful.  We made many new memories and continued our traditions from the past.  Chris did a super job on my gifts too...He really listened to me (which sometimes I don't think he does) and gave me two ornaments for OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS, a lap top board, Charming Charlie gift card, keyless alarm for the house, and a lens cap cord for my camera.  I love his gift giving style...Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too!

A flip flop since we had a beach wedding of course...

So cute, he personalized it himself...just for me! 
What everyone does after all that present opening and turkey eating...NAP time!!  

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Abby said...

So fun!! We loved spending the week with y'all!