Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I just want to cry....

This weekend my heart broke a little as I realized that my sweet niece is almost grown!!! Okay so 7 is big...very big! I can not believe the sweet baby I once watched daily is now 7 years old.  Oh were the time has gone.  I went from seeing that precious smiling face daily to now, about once every month (we chat on the phone way too much too because of it, ha).  Little Bear wanted a Rock Star party this year with GIRLS only!!!  Of course my SISTER did an outstanding (you probably thought I would say amazing here didn't you...I am working on it okay!) job as usual on Little Bear's birthday.  It was ROCKING to say the least....if you want all the details CLICK HERE to see my sister's post.

(these are a few of my favorite pics from the party....)
The stage for signing, of course.

part of the set up...so cute

Her rock star cake.

The security guard (little b) helping with crowd control.

I love this one because Little Bear is truly ENJOYING every second of this party.

The whole gang ROCKING out.

Little bear and I back when she was 2!

Little Bear you are such a big girl now...Auntie is so proud of all you have done!  You are super smart and a natural leader.  I love that you must know how everything will work prior to attempting it.  I think the fact that you have some of your mom's type-a-ness is cute too.  You like things to be just so, yet don't want to leave a thing behind.  You enjoy learning about everything around you.  I know you are going to be everything you can dream of (doctor, teacher, and mother) plus some!  You amaze me each day with your impression of the world around you.  Chris and I love you all the way to God and back.  Oh and just between you and I, you can stop  growing up NOW!!!
Her 5th birthday at Disney World, yeah.

The creativity never stops.

Making Christmas cookies at grandma's house, her first real year to "help."

Our trip to the beach...mommy was prego with Little B.

Doing what she loves best, taking care of her babies!!! She loves each one so much.

The BEST big sister ever!!!


Abby said...

Oh no this post made ME WANT TO CRY! I have no idea when she grew up, but looking at those pictures breaks my heart!! Love her!

Kara said...

Agree that we need to figure out how to keep her small...and B too. Oh and while we are stopping time, let's just include Lola and Winston as well!