Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My new love....

Okay normally on Wednesday I do the What I am loving post!  However, Chris left town today and well I didn't feel like pre-blogging for this post.  Ha!

Sweet Abby at our weeding! Love her was our colors!
Also last night I got to enjoy a surprise visitor at my house! My sweet Abby Grace was in town with some friends, but things didn't play out correctly.  Thus long story short I went and picked her up.  We got to have a slumber party at my house! It was great getting to chat and catch up....I mean I have known her since she was 5 years old.  Man how they grow up fast, she is now a FRESHMAN in HIGH SCHOOL! YIKES  Then her mom came down today....this was the best surprise visit!

On to my new LOVE!  Okay I don't know if your town is like ours...but new food places pop up like crazy.  Then some survive and well some die quickly!  Since we live so close to the new hip area food has been popping up on every corner.  Not to mention that we have an In and Out opening this JULY too!  This past weekend a new little joint opened up.  It is called PIE FIVE.  

I love it for various reasons...but mostly because I love pizza!  The idea is great especially if you don't have tons of time to sit and wait for a full pizza to cook and such.  Each pizza is personal sized.  You walk in and can pick from some of their favorites or you can build your own.  Picture the "subway" of pizza making.  You pick thin or regular crust.  Then the sauce you want  and cheese.  Now you can pick up to any 5 toppings from their variety of choices.  Once you do that....its in the cute little oven and POOF your pizza is ready to go.  Chris and I went in and both did the build your own, we waited a maximum of 5 minutes for the whole thing.  It was wonderful!
Their cute box and symbol!
mmm...I made my own version of the cheeseburger pizza! 
Of course after we ate our PIE we thought of all the other wonderful combinations we could make.  Needless to say they will be getting a lot of business from me.  Oh and it's cool because they have a punch card, after 5 you get one FREE!  If you're not a pizza lover it is probably not the place for you.  I think they will make a killing because of their location and the fact that they are speedy quick.  You know real "working" people could go enjoy their lunch and probably have extra time!

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Courtney B said...

Oh yum!! This place sounds amazing! And genius idea!! Why didn't someone think of this sooner? :)