Saturday, December 31, 2011

Watch me grow, 37 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:
 This week I thought this picture was way better!

Baby R at 37 weeks!
How Far Along: 37 Weeks

Size of the baby: Well we have an estimate on Baby R's size this week since we had our LAST sono!  Baby R is 6 lbs and 14 oz!  Actually I think we could just stop there and meet this little person.  

Total Weight Gain/loss: Well that pound I gained last week is no longer I lost weight!  I am down a pound, whoo whoo 34 total 

Maternity Clothes:  Just enjoying it while I can...and hoping that soon I'll be back to normal.  

Gender: SURPRISE!! We are not going to find out till Baby R arrives in January! 

Movement: Oh the movement wont stop..which is a good thing I guess!  However, you will never believe what BABY R has done to me!  Today I was getting ready like normal and blow drying my hair.  When all of a SUDDEN Baby R KICKED the crap out of me and POP!  No not my water, but my belly button!  YIKES it has now popped out some, I am completely devastated as this is the only thing I didn't want to happen!  Guess Baby R needed that extra inch or so! Sadness in my world though :-(

Sleep: Been sleeping more, even Chris made a comment on it.  I blame that on the fact that I can take afternoon naps since we are out of school this week.  I love those naps.

What I miss: Sitting normally, I feel like I am unable to cross legs or sit like a lady.  How can it be so hard to move your legs? Well, it is!

Cravings: I have had a few ice cream cones this week, yikes! 

Symptoms: Swelling....Goodbye ankles and hello sausage fingers!  Poor fingers I hope one day they are normal again, I miss my wedding ring like CRAZY!

Best moment this week: Seeing Baby R on Wednesday! It had been a while since Chris and I got to actually see the baby, so that was wonderful.  Also just having our weekly check up knowing things are still on track makes me feel at ease as well.  Can't wait to see Baby R in person! 

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Amanda said...

So glad things are going great!! What a cute looking little babe :)