Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Adventure Land (Disney day 2)

We were up bright and early and I only wish I was kidding about that.  We figured we would hit the parks early and enjoy them before the crowds.  Abby and Brian had it all planned out and man did they do a great job! Today we all wore our cute tie-die Mickey shirt.  Abby and the kids made these...they turned out so dang cute! Best part of family shirts, you can ALWAYS find each other.  I don't think we will ever do Disney again without them.

Our day started out wonderful, we got to Adventure Land early enough to have a short wait for the cars ride.  While we rode we got a rider switch pass, then Abby took the babies to get fast passes.  Love both rider switch and fast pass!!! After the ride Little Bear ended up not feeling good at ALL!

poor little bear not well at all!!

Thus we all headed back to the hotel for lunch.  Then the babies, Little Bear, and I all stayed at the hotel. Abby, Brian, and B headed back out to Adventure Land.  The babies and Little Bear all napped so that was nice.  Then it was baby play time for the rest of the day while Little Bear continued to rest.  Poor thing nothing worse than being sick at Disney!

Needless to say Abby, Brian, and B had a blast!  They did a lot of things that Little Bear wouldn't have wanted to do anyway so that was nice.  They took pictures with his favorite characters and such! I think it was nice that B got some one-on-one with mommy and daddy too!  Being the middle child can be rough sometimes so that was a great bonus to the trip.

After they finished up Little Bear was feeling a bit better.  She wanted to get some tortillas for dinner.  Thus we headed out for this little hole in the wall Mexican places.  It was very authentic and fun.

We all enjoyed a nice dinner and took off for bed.  Being as we have to be up and at the park by 730, an early bed time is best! Day 3 we hit up Fantasyland

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