Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Disneyland Adventures

Monday was a sad and exciting day for us. Sad because my mom, dad, and Chris all took off for home.  Exciting because we were heading out with my Sister and Co for the second part of our Cali trip!

 Ready to ROLL!!

DISNEYLAND!! The kids were so stinking excited to go...okay let me rephrase that Little Bear and B were excited.  The babies um had no idea!   Miss H and I were not originally heading on this adventure.  However, my sister asked if I would mind coming to mostly hang with Baby G...really do you have to ask twice!  Once I knew we were joining them on this part of the trip FAMILY SHIRTS had to be made.  I had one of my favorite ladies here in town make the shirts we wore for today's adventure.  Ashley at 3Little Birdies makes tons of H's shirts and more for me.  I adore her because I asked her a bit late for these and she moved heaven and earth to get them done for us.  Oh and she can ship to anywhere!!! :-)

We loaded up the car (wish I would have taken a pic) and took off pretty early.  The drive from San Diego to Disneyland was not bad at all...Brian even took us on the scenic route.  Needless to say we got to see the ocean occasionally, ha but it was a nice drive.  The kids only asked about 10 times how much longer.  Once we got there we unloaded the car and took off for a half day at  Fantasyland.

 Enjoying a little pit stop at a cute little diner!

 What a cute little family...minus Baby G who was sleeping
 Checking in...Yes this is what it looks like when 7 people check in! YIKES!!
 While they checked in I stayed with the babies..H sleeping and G playing! 

We made it in time to enjoy a few rides and the parade.  Miss H LOVED the parade and rides! She was very excited to see it all!! Oh and did I mention that Queen Tia gave her some cotton candy, man on man is vacation life with Tia wonderful!

 Oh here is the PURE joy of COTTON CANDY 
 Our great seats for the parade

 B enjoying the show
Little Bear  
 Miss H dancing and waving her heart out!
 Uncle B after his knees melted to the ground! 

That evening we had dinner at Goofy's kitchen.  It was here that we quickly learned H CANNOT stand characters!!  They so kindly placed us right next to the door where the characters enter and exit.  Which to most would be wonderful...however that only caused H and Baby G to be more stressed out.  Just as H would get settled and begin eating in would walk a character...causing her to jump out of her high chair screaming! You can believe we were a fun group to be sitting by!!  After a bit she settled down and realized that the characters would only talk to Little Bear and B.  The two who were most excited to see them anyway.  Of course the kiddos got autographs from everyone and pictures.  I have to say the best character was the Madd Hatter! He was cracking us up as he made the group behind us do funny things and take pictures of them instead of with him.  Miss H didn't mind him too much because he looked like a person. 

My sisters family!  
Little Bear's favorite dessert... DIRT! 
Oh Goofy acting silly 

Miss H was not 100% on this..but happier because it was a "person"  
That Madd Hatter taking a group pic...that he made these people do!  
Oh Baby G...Minnie just kissed him!! He was not thrilled 
Love the babies in this one!  
After we made them suffer through dinner they were ready to RUN! 
Our family pic at dinner!! Way to look babies! 
Oh sweet Chip kissing B  

All in all DAY 1 of Disneyland was AMAZING!

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

I LOVE the cotton candy pic! So great that you were able to be a part of this trip. Looks like so much fun!