Friday, September 27, 2013

FALL...oh I love you that I am caught up on all blog post I can do some current post! I feel like I have been playing catch up for a while! Sigh

This past weekend guess what happened?!?! Fall arrived! Okay so it hung around long enough for us to love it, and then be sad when our temps got hot again!  But man did we enjoy those few days.  I mean it was actually a little chilly on Saturday a.m .when I took of for my tennis match!!   

Earlier this week I was working on some tennis stuff.  When I looked up I saw this! Miss H on the couch with her baby stroller up there too!  Interesting to one who doesn't live with us.  However, she then proceeded to say NO, No, NO mommy and point to her stroller!  Time out for H does not always work in our house as well as TOY TIME OUT does!!  I have learned that Miss H can't stand it if I take a current toy and put it up in time out when she is sassy. (I normally put it on the bed in her playroom, so she can see it but not reach it)  Thus she felt the need to put her stroller in time out while playing with baby Claire!  Funny how they pick these things up so quickly.  I then asked if it was time to put it back in  to playtime and she agreed that that would be okay.  I guess baby Claire was acting nicer? Who knows....but what I do love is her pretend play she has really begun to do!  She talks and loves on those sweet babies!!

Trying to do time out again but her chair just isn't big enough! 

Saying "cheese" for the camera! 

Sweet baby Claire giving Winston kisses

 Time for a little outside fun too!  The cooler weather has really allowed us to enjoy the backyard again!  I love when she lays on her tummy, so stinking cute!

Just enjoying a little jump, jump, jumping!! 

 Man does this little girl LOVE her brother!  Some days it's a love hate relationship, and others it's a LOVE love relationship.  She adores him!  The love is overflowing in the following 2 pics. 
She just ran over and grabbed his face to plant a big wet one on him!! I adore this so much!!

I love the post kiss look! Ha

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