Saturday, September 07, 2013

Trip-Palooza....San Diego (part 1)

Whewww...back home loving life!  Man the past month we have been very BUSY!  Oh wait I say that all the time.  But really we have!  Let's begin with San Diego.

In August we took off to San Diego for my cousin Brook's wedding.  While there we of course packed in as much fun as possible.  We arrived on Thursday and just kind of took it easy by enjoying the pool and such.  Friday Chris and my dad played golf.  Then the whole family (did I mention it was everyone my mom, dad, sister, bro in law, niece, and 2 nephews) all headed out for Coronado Island.  Chris and I went to San Diego about 2 1/2 years ago but we didn't make it to Coronado Island so it was fun to go this time!  We spent the morning playing at the beach!  Miss H was in HEAVEN!!!  She loved the sand and playing in it...the water she loved but couldn't stand the fact that it was FREEZING!  Poor girl was shaking it was so cold...yet wanted to play in it more.  I loved seeing her and baby G discovering the beach for the first time.  We had some priceless moments.  Mom and Dad talked about how the hotel use to look there when they went many moons ago :-)

I love this picture...all of them heading into the water for the first time! 

first family picture at the beach

first time to be in the ocean...brr

My sister's sweet family!
Mom and dad with their girls...oh and baby g

This is's face as the water hit was FREEZING

Look who learned to walk at the beach!! 

I just love this little butt! 
 Saturday we just did some sight seeing...visited Torrey Pines Golf course and a hang gliding park.  Of course Chris, dad, and B were super jazzed about the golf course. We had fun walking around and checking things out.  We really didn't do tons since we had to be ready for the wedding around 4.

Dad loving life at a very nice golf course..oh and famous too 

Chris loving life just as much as dad. 

Miss H slept through the ceremony which was a mommy's dream!! Then she woke up ready to DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!  The wedding was beautiful and such a blast.  Our whole family had the best time ever!!
The babies before the wedding playing...or H choking G depends on how you view this 
B was the ring bearer and did a great job

waiting on the ceremony

sleeping it up..thank heavens

cutest family around

Wedding fun

Miss H mid dance move...she danced her heart out
Love this picture of all the second cousins .
How cute is Little Bear...being fancy with her coke

The whole family (minus baby G who was asleep)

how our night ended...H danced out

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