Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fantasyland (Disney day 3)

Up early again ready to go! We have pretty much perfected the morning routine at this point. Brian goes down and gets all the kiddos breakfast.  Abby and I begin to get kids ready and dressed.  It is perfect! Today was Mickey/Minnie Mouse family shirt day, brought to you by Old Navy!  Today we went to explore Fantasyland a little more.  We went here the first day but only for a couple of hours.  There were tons of rides we didn't hit.  

First thing on the list Space Mountain, for the big people that is.  The babies and I stayed back and kept an eye on one of the rides that was not open yet. B really wasn't sure he wanted to do SM so he went to look...yep turns out he didn't want to do it :-)  After that we spend the day just hanging out and enjoying all the rides. We took off for the "baby" area, you know Dumbo, It's a small world, Peter Pan and such... The babies and I rode Dumbo while the big kids did some other big rides.  Both babies loved Dumbo...Miss H wanted to stay on it forever! We did ride it more than one time!

Waiting is the hardest part! 

After some fun there we headed out for Bibbity Boppity Boutique, for Little Bears hair appointment!  This is her favorite thing to do at Disney! Thankfully both babies had fallen asleep for their morning naps at this point.  Thus it allowed me some down time too just sit and enjoy the people watching :-)

Just a small amount of glitter was used :-) 

After her amazing hair appointment we took off to the other side of Fantasyland.  Here we grabbed lunch at a cute little treehouse type place.  Then while the babies and I finished up lunch the big kiddos got to enjoy Splash Mountain.  Thanks to rider swap I got go on the 2nd round.  We had a blast and tried to take some funny pictures as we flew down the mountain.  The rest of the day was spent hitting up rides that didn't have long lines.  We had already done all the big ones we wanted thanks to getting up early and our fast passes.  Believe me getting up early really was the 12 the place was PACKED....everyday you knew it was around noon because of the amount of people.  

nap number 2 in strollers on this day...whoo whoo!

Once we were done at the park we headed to Downtown Disney.  B had found the build a bear of CARS!! He wanted to make a car for his souvenir...I think Brian may have had just as much fun as B!

The final product!! 

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Jen {Pinch Me} said...

I LOVE the make-your-own-car. Too cool! If we ever get to Disney I hope I can get Dave out of bed early!