Monday, September 09, 2013

San Diego (part 2)

Sunday we all loaded up bright and early!!  Where were we off too...the ZOO of course.  Miss H was so pumped for this part of the trip.  As we all know she loves the zoo!!! We got there right as they opened and began our tours.  Abby, my bro in law, mom, dad, and the bigger kiddos all did the behind the scenes tour of the zoo.  Chris and I opted to take the babies and do our own tour!!  We took the bus tour to start things off.  Both babies loved that and we got an idea at what we really wanted to go back and see.  Baby G sat with me and Miss H sat with Chris.  Oh and did I mention my sister got them the cutest zoo outfits...of course everyone around thought they were twins! Ha what's new.  But I have to say they were pretty freaking cute!!  Chris and I really enjoyed taking the babies around.  We spent a large portion of our time at the elephant area.  They have a stinking spa for these guys...I mean can we say pampered!!  We also had fun with the polar bears.  There are 2 and they are brother and sister.  They were playing like crazy, swimming and running around.  All in all everyone had a great time.  I know the others learned a lot about the animals and got up close and personal with a few.  Here are the millions of pics:

 Our sweet "twins" enjoying the zoo together. 

 these 2 pics are my favorite of the animal pictures that I took

 On the bus ready for the tour!
 Of course she is looking at the elephants

 These pics are all from the behind the scenes tour that my family too!  They got up close to some fun animals.

 Here they are standing in an elephant shoe...and below that is the spa where the elephants get bathed daily.

After the zoo we headed down to the bay type area and did a Duck Tour!  You know the car/boat drives around and then goes in the water too.  This tour was nice because it really explained a lot about San Diego and how it came about and such....more of the history!  The kids enjoyed seeing the sea lions the most! I will say though it did get pretty chilly on our tour...brrr

 Ready for our drive/boating

 This is how H spent most of the boat part...

Little Bear got a cool hat for answering a question right!

Finally we ended our night eating dinner with all my aunts and uncles.  I love that we can all get together and just chill.  We got to discuss the wedding and all the fun that was had!  Some had more fun than they should have :-)

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Kara said...

the polar bears were one of my favorite parts of the San Diego Zoo!