Friday, November 15, 2013

4 makes life BUSY!

My sister and brother in law are CRAZY!! Let's just start with that….ha ha next we could say I too am a little CRAZY!!  However, crazy or not I got to enjoy a week with my sweet niece and nephews thanks to my sister and brother in law. 

Abby and Brian took off on Nov 1 for good old New York City!!  They were headed there to run the ING Marathon, now do you see why they are crazy. We were all very excited to support them as they took on this grande run!  This allowed me to stay at home with all the kiddos while they ran, got sore, and photo bombed all the morning shows.  

Life with 4 kiddos is a little crazy I will have to say.  More power to you mamma's of 4!  I on the other hand will only have 2, thank you!! I will say my Little Bear and B are old enough to do their own thing and help with the babies…Baby G and Miss H!  We did have a blast together though.  Thankfully my sister set up her baby sitter to take the big kids to school, amazing how that helped so much!  The rest of the time it was AUNTIE fun and PARTY week!! 

Saturday we began our fun with breakfast at McDonald's of course! I mean what Auntie wouldn't take them to eat at their favorite place!  Miss H was a little sad though because it didn't have a play area!  Needless to say everyone had a great time and ate some yummy food.  After breakfast we all headed outside for some fun!  The weather was amazing and we really took advantage.  The big kiddos played with bikes and scooters and such, while the babies just chased them around! They also enjoyed wagon rides from Little Bear.   Our Saturday was perfect and we had such a good time! 

Sunday was greeted VERY EARLY!! Thank you day light savings and thank you babies who have no idea we get an extra hour of sleep.  Baby G who normally wakes around 6:30-7 was up ready to party at 5:45!! OMG death for this momma!! Miss H wasn't far behind him.  However the bigs did sleep in a lot better.  No worries we needed an early start anyways because off we went to the Houston ZOO!!  Of course we had to go to the zoo I mean I have a zoo lover!  Plus I can remember the last time Little Bear and I went to the zoo, it was when B was 4 months old..he is 6 now!! Everyone was super excited about the trip. Little Bear even went online Saturday night and checked out the zoo's web site.  Apparently B goes pretty often with my sister but Little Bear is always in school.  We arrived at the zoo at 11:20 and we didn't head home till 6!!  Both Little Bear and B said it was the BEST DAY ever!!  We also got to spend time with one of my friends who just moved to the Houston area, that was a nice treat! Just a few highlights of the day from them! 

Lunch next to the giraffes
Feeding the giraffes
Seeing the monkeys eating sap
Play area and petting zoo
Riding the train

About to feed the giraffes

 B feeding the giraffes! 

 Little Bear feeding the giraffes, she really wanted to feed the little one but this guy stole it!

 Miss H feeding them! She loved it so much!   Then all of us…Baby G couldn't stop looking to take a picture ha ha ha

 Yes I made them take a picture with every statue we saw!   This cougar was so funny…just ran up there and relaxed! 

 Miss H loved the elephants and they have tons! 

 B had red gatorade at lunch can you tell, ha.  Here they are watching the moneys and the seals! 

 The petting zoo was a blast.  As my sister says…you need a 9 year old, and it is true.  Little Bear took one baby, B took the other and they had a blast.  Playing and petting all the goats, chickens, and such! 

I adore this picture..he is such a cutie! 

 Just  my sisters kiddos enjoying the giraffes after lunch! Baby G loved them…he kept pointing and babbling on about them. 

 These monkeys…they were hilarious.  They would stick their stick in a hole and it would get sap on it and then they would lick it all off.  You could see the sap area it was fun to watch them enjoy their treat. 

Little side note about our zoo trip: There was family who apparently watch us all day…at the end of the day the Grandfather came up to me and said, "Well are you done having kids? You really manage them so well, we have been watching y'all all day"   What do you say other than Yes, and Thanks! Of course Little Bear and I just laughed about it!   Then he said there are 4 adults to our one kids…it was grandparents, their child/spouse, and grandchild.  Then the wife (mom of the baby) said enjoy a large glass of wine tonight you have worked hard.  Ha ha ha  Apparently we were something to watch at the zoo…not sure why I mean everyone acted amazingly.  Both babies just strolled around and the big kids read the animal signs and enjoyed the exhibits!  

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