Friday, November 15, 2013


While the kids and I were enjoying life at the zoo my poor sister and brother in law were running, running, and running.  Sunday they ran the ING Marathon and thank goodness for technology.  We were out enjoying the great weather getting text message up dates about their run the whole time.  Every time the phone went off the kids would ask where they were at now.  They had  nice little map for us to follow along from a distance.
at the finish line

I couldn't me more proud or impressed with Abby and Brian! I mean really to run for 4 hours…no thank you!  However I know the experience was amazing for them and I am thankful to have help so they could enjoy it.  Way to go guys we are very proud of you!!

The rest of our week was pretty simple since school was going on.  You know picking up from school and such kind of cuts into the fun, lol!  The babies and I hung out from 8-12 playing and napping.  Then we got B from school had lunch played some more, and time to get Little Bear!  I did enjoy getting to help both kids with their homework…that teacher part of me came out!
this is how we roll
We were just getting into a nice little routine when Abby and Brian came back home!  We really enjoyed stalking all morning shows to see Abby and Brian.  Every day after school I would show the kids the mommy and daddy spotting :-)  Oh and of course we had a few dance parties with the babies…you know typical Auntie fun!!
everyone enjoying some "coloring' or homework time

Dance party fun!

The kids were excited to see them…it was all they talked about the whole day, When will mommy and daddy be home? How much longer?  I love that they were excited…just too bad Abby and Brian got home so late on a school night :-)

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