Wednesday, November 27, 2013

BRRR….its cold here

Miss H and I arrived just lovely in Minnesota.  Chris on the other hand had a more eventful flight…from delays, to sick kids, and more!  However he finally made it to us!! We were welcomed with a brisk 21 degrees…BRR No worries Nana had plenty of warm clothes for Miss H.  The past 2 Thanksgivings have been nice temperature wise…so we were due for a freezing cold visit! The high our whole visit was 24, and that was the day we left. But that is enough of that…

 Miss H ready to take off….and moments later, snoozing! AHH peace and quite for me! 

Chris and I got to enjoy a nice little movie date…the first since we have had Miss H. We saw Delivery Man, very funny and good.  Nana was a champ for working all day then watching H.  I know they had a great time playing and eating candy :-)  Sadly though after dinner Miss H was fussy.  For my child that is odd!! I mean she is never fussy unless one thing…SICK.  Well after her bath that night the crying and ouch ouch while tugging at her ear began!  I knew it was an ear infection just from that..our 2nd one ever.  Of course it was about 8:30 and the quick clinics were closed and we were out of state.  Thankfully I learned a lot last year with our RSV hospital stay about our insurance and the on call nurses.  Made a quick phone call to see if we should take Miss H to the dr in the am and get some info on making it through the nigh.  Daddy ran out and got some meds and we managed our night.
Papa Steve spoiling her with ice cream when we arrived
The next morning we took off for the clinic.  They have the best system there…TEXAS could learn a few things.  We checked in at the front desk and were then sent to an exam room to wait.   The whole visit took an hour and that included getting the meds filled!! WOW!!  Once Miss H had a round of meds and everyone else was ready we took off for some fun.  Mall of America here we come….after all Miss H needed a pick me up from feeling sick.  Why not let her ride on the rides at the mall.  She was in heaven…and Aunt RiRi was kind enough to ride some of the rides with her.  I am pretty sure if she had felt 100% we wouldn't have gotten out of that place. We did some shopping too don't get me wrong. I mean no sales tax is a great thing!
Messing around while we waited on the dr. 

 Aunt RiRi getting in on the fun too! 

Since H wasn't feeling her self we took the day pretty easy, did dinner and then just hung out at home.  Nana and Riri played with her a ton.  She loves following RiRi around and trying to be big like her.  Nana and Papa Steve of course had some Christmas gifts for Miss H to open…she loved it!

 New stamps with handles…animals of course, Nana knows her girl.  
 Also a new stroller…Lily got to have the first stroll, she wasn't so thrilled

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