Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Birthdays and travels

We always begin our Thanksgiving travels heading to my sisters!  This year my sweet mom and dad got to both go too!  Mom and dad came her and picked Miss H and I up for the drive to Abby's.  We had a nice little ride, shopping, talking, and enjoying the 2 line highway.  I will have to say it was so NICE not to be driving just H and I!  Driving with a baby and yourself is a just more work in all areas…planning potty breaks based upon a sleeping baby and such is no fun!  Sorry for the side track…

Poor mom though…she spent her BIRTHDAY in the car!  However, H and I were excited to share it with her, even in the car. B and Mom are one day apart on birthdays…that is fun!  Of course the reason we were going to the big EC is for B's 6th birthday!  OMG 6!!!  How do these kids keep growing? I am so sad.  I remember it like yesterday taking off from work and heading down to his birth.  Then spending the week there with them helping them settle into a family of 4…and now they are a family of 5! YIKES!!
Queen Tia with Baby G and Miss H …oh that cheese smile H has! 
Needless to say we had a blast at my sisters house.  B had and plane themed birthday this year!  As always my sister was over the top for the party.  However, the weather wasn't so much how we would have like.  It was pretty cold for the party but the boys didn't seem to mind…the parents on the other hand did! Here are some pics from all the fun.  The boys got to decorate a plane then use it through out the party for different stunts and events.  It was a huge hit!!

Everyone enjoying their planes

Birthday Boy!!
More pics to come when my sister sends them…so check back!

After all the birthday fun Miss H and I had to say good bye..off to our next family fun.  We spend every Thanksgiving up in Minnesota with Chris' family.  The crew dropped us off at the airport Monday and away we went!!

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