Monday, November 18, 2013

Pumpkins and Pancakes

silly girl…wouldn't stop posing for pictures

This Saturday our local zoo hosted Pumpkins and Pancakes and of course we had to attend.  I mean we do hit the zoo at least once a week for my little animal lover.  Miss H was so excited to go for 2 reasons.  1) Daddy was going to go with us.  Normally Chris is at work when we go to the zoo so it was a wonderful treat that he could join us.  2) We would get to eat breakfast with the animals.  She really was so funny about it.  She would tell Chris zoo pancakes.  Then proceed to talk about all the animals.

I have to say the event was wonderful!  The zoo really knows how to put on a great breakfast!!  They served a nice meal of pancakes, fruit, eggs, bacon and beverages.  Everyone in my house was happy to say the least. The nice part was the food was served from 8-10 the whole time of the event.  That way you didn't have to rush right in for breakfast.  This proved to be extra nice once we saw the events for the morning.
Here new "smile" face..oh my
When we first walked in the gorillas were not out yet.  The zoo keepers were still putting their breakfast out, as well as, pumpkins and wreaths.  Every animal at the zoo had a pumpkin and wreath in their exhibit area.  Apparently it is a treat all animals love, who knew! We then noticed a rather SASSY turkey strutting around.  She was so funny wiggling her feathers.  The zoo keeper was telling us that she likes to show off.  Then she would gobble and H loved that.  I liked that she could actually hear the turkey gobble instead of just taking our word for it :-).  There was also and owl that was pretty neat and an opossum.  The opossum was rather nervous but still cute in an odd way!

The zoo had listed out special events they would do that morning, such as feedings and keeper talks.  This kind of set up our zoo trip schedule.  We went right in to the elephants because they were having breakfast at 8 am.  Of course this was Miss H's favorite animal so we couldn't miss it.  Man were the babies out playing too!  Baby Bell and Bowie are so stinking cute…their moms are funny too!  Baby Bell is about 645 lbs now and Bowie is only 330ish  Funny that they are really only a month apart in age but yet so different in size. Plus all that weight is only from nursing!! WOW  okay sorry for the random animal facts..ha ha

Baby Bowie…love him and his little hair that sticks up on his back! 

Baby Bell just enjoying all the oohhss and ahhhs as she played
Baby Bell is on the left and Baby Bowie on the right by his mom

After watching the babies play around we took off for the lions.  The lions were going to be eating at 8:30 perfect for us to view them too.  Along the way we enjoy the other animals watching them all play with their pumpkins.
The daddy's and their girls…both of them are wrapped around their fingers

The mail lion was roaring when we arrived there! I tried to catch it on my phone but to many people were talking boo.  He was so funny standing proud and just roaring away.  He wasn't as excited about his pumpkin as the 2 females were.  They both came running out of their house area.  Honestly they are adorable and you kind of forget that while you watch them play with a pumpkin just like a pet cat would.  They took it and rolled it and would roll on their backs batting it back and forth.  Then the second lioness went to get her's off the hut…and it rolled down into the pit! I was so sad for her..not to worry she ran down there to get it!   I had no idea they even went in the pit area.  She brought it back up and enjoyed playing and chewing on it.  Miss H was cracking up at all this.  So was her sweet friend LK who's family also came to the event.  We love hanging out with them.  I went to high school with Carrie so it is nice to have our girls hang out and play together.  (we also do music class at TCU with them and LOVE IT)

Carrie, Lk, Miss H and I watching the lions

After the tigers the group was a little hungry.  Plus we had seen all the feedings we really wanted to see! Once we ate breakfast we went to the "Texas" are to see the new baby jaguar.  Let me tell you what our zoo has been busy making babies this year!  The baby jaguar is adorable and was in rare form.  Normally she just sits next to her mommy, but today she was walking around and exploring.  Actually at one point she snuck up on her mom and pounced her…it was cute and the girls laughed!  I can honestly say we will for SURE be attending this event as long as H loves animals.  We had the best family day thanks to the zoo!
These two…such cuties! 

The mountain lion was too tired to play

The daddies showing the girls the bear

This alligator statue..they love it to death
The silly gorilla carrying the wreath like a hat around 

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