Thursday, February 20, 2014

Amazing weather fun!!

I sure hope all everyone has been out enjoying the amazing weather we have had here.  But for those of you up in the colder areas I don't want to brag too much :-)  I mean seriously on Monday I could have probably jumped in a pool because it was so hot.  Then again I don't think it was THAT hot I think we are just finally at a normal temperature that it feels hot! I mean it was just 70, lol

Needless to say Miss H and I have been busy enjoying the wonderful weather.  Tuesday we had our yoga and music class, but then after nap we went to the park with our friends across the street.  It is so fun to see these two girls growing up together! The first time we went to the park together they couldn't do too much..they were still pretty little.  This time was a whole new story.  They were up and down every slide there! Miss H loved it!! Of course I forgot to take a picture..grrr

Wednesday we took off for Miss H's favorite place the ZOO!!  Our neighbors Kacie and T went with us there too! I love having a stay at home mom neighbor friend…it is the best!  The girls loved the zoo. Of course Miss H acts like she owns the place and just runs free.  It was a bit overcast so the animals were out and playing around.  The only animals that were closed were the tigers and bears.  They were renovating their habitat.   Seriously these 2 girls were having a blast…I couldn't stop taking pictures of them.

T was not so sure about this Kangaroo…H you can tell loves it! 

After the zoo we did lunch like normal and then meet mommy's teacher friends for happy hour.  Miss H slept through most of happy hour in her stroller like a sweet little girl!  I love that my sweet baby will sleep in any location.  Honestly my next child will probably be a mess!!  Chris caught a cute moment with H last night…just sad the tv is so loud because it is hard to hear.  H was going through coupons and she found a pizza one.  Picked up her phone and asked the guys to bring her a pizzie.  Pretty stinking cute and funny because we never call for pizza…they don't deliver in the country ha.

Kay Guys, Kay guys, come and bring me this house this pizzie Kay guys…that is what she said! Love her!!

Today it was warm again but we have a 100mph wind out.  Okay so its only 20-25mph but out here in the country that is a lot of wind.  We did get out for a quick bit and braved the winds!!  Miss H and I went up to the local Presbitarian church and toured it.  I wanted to check it out so that she can find a good little school for next year!  I thought we should start the search now so we could get a spot for next year.  I really liked it and Miss H loved playing with all the kids in her soon to be classroom.  Plus they have a 1 day, 2 day, 3 day program.  Since I don't have a job and only have H she will just go 1 day.  Lots of the other programs are 2 day only…but I feel guilty taking my child to school 2 days a week when I have nothing to do.  I like the 1 day idea because I can clean the house and schedule appointments on that day and not feel so bad.

After our tour we did a few errands.  Of course Miss H talked me into playing….which means finding a chick-fila  or the mall.  Just so happens we needed to hit the mall anyways, lucky girl!

Hope you guys are out enjoying life and this great weather!  

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