Friday, February 07, 2014

Sprinkles for the baby!

One of our sweet friends is expecting her second baby!  Normally you would not host a shower for baby number two, but she is having a boy.  She already has a sweet 17 month old little girl B who we love playing with.  Of course we wanted to show baby BOY some love too!

Alison, Lara, Donna, and I all hosted a small "SPRINKLE" shower for her this past Saturday at the house.  I love any reason to use my cricut now that I have one!  We thought elephants would be fun and easy as decor.  Plus since it is just a sprinkle you don't have to go all out!  Low key and fun was our idea.  I am so thankful to have great gals to help host this with me.  Julie loved every bit of it and she got some wonderful boy things.  Here are the many pics I took from it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
First time in a long time I have visited your blog. I quickly realized you must now be a stay-at-home mom (later confirmed). I am so happy for you! I had that same pleasure the whole time until our son and daughter went to school, and then only worked part-time around their school schedules.

They are now 44 and almost 40.They both turned out great. And Mike & I celebrated our 46th anniversary this past September. So hard to believe hhow fast time flies.

What a treat to see familiar faces at your shower for Julie. I had heard somewhere that she was expecting another little one.

Has Donna retired yet?
For some of your activites, I'd love to be one of your groupies. Do you still come to Arlington to play tennis?

Keep on having fun!
Marge Leathers