Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Obsession with smocking!

For those of you who truly know me you know I am not a girly girl!!  Thus my obsession with smocked outfits for Miss H is puzzling! Ha I know I just love them so dang much and can't stop buying them for her.  I don't know why I turn into such a girl girl when it comes to dressing her but I love how dang cute she looks.   Lately I have had many people asking where I get majority of my cute smocked outfits!  I guess I will tell you my secret, but only if you promise not to take all the 24 month and 2T out fits because I need them :-)

I don't buy locally in our shops here in the dfw area for 2 reason!  Not that I don't want to shop local but the PRICES are crazy!!  The clothes in those shops are out of control in price I mean the cheaper ones are 60 dollars.  Pretty sure Chris would kill me if I bought H and outfit for 60 dollars…he would flip.

We may own this soon since Miss H loves animals! 
Since the local shops are out of my price point I had to do some online searching!!  I have found the most adorable things online.  One of the places I love is Smockabilly Kids!!  Oh my heavens they have the cutest smocked and appliquéd outfits!  They don't just have girls stuff so boy moms you can keep on reading!!  Currently I am debating which Easter outfit I need for Miss H!  They have 2 adorable ones…making it so dang hard to pick.

Yes they have boy outfits too!!
Do I go with the adorable bunny and carrots or the bishop! Yikes!!

Oh and did I mention that they fit my budget! The price you pay for these adorable outfits is a steal…I feel so bad sometimes because I get the best deals! Our crab bubble below was 19.99 come on!!  Not only can you check out all the cute outfits on their website here, but they also hold actions on their Facebook page too!  You can find it at https://www.facebook.com/SmockabillyKids Smockabilly Kids has auctions every Wednesday night at 8:30 est.  I look forward to those nights…Chris thinks I am CRAZY!!  Dads just don't get it, do they?

Best part of their auctions is that you stand a chance…lol! I know you Facebook auction moms know what I am saying.  You know those other smocked fb pages where you got to bid, and then realize 300 other moms have bid before you, and they only had 3 outfits anyways.  Ah that makes me crazy!  I have actually stopped following many of those sites because it's a joke you stand no chance to win.  Oh and if you do win it takes FOREVER to get your outfit.  Every time I have bought from Smockabilly Kids we had the outfits with in 2 weeks! It's amazing you can actually plan to wear the outfit once you buy it!  Another pet peeve of mine with the other fb auction sites!  Don't even get me started on customer care either by those other places!  Smokabilly Kids is so sweet…they have the best service ever.  Remember my recent identity theft issues!  Well, the hubby accidentally canceled one of my orders with Smokabilly.  After I fussed at him I sent the Smokabilly ladies an email.  They are amazing they not only fixed the issues but offered me an outfit that was not even on sale yet!  We got a pre-auction outfit, whoo whoo!  I can't say enough about these ladies.  Please swing by and take a look at what they have to offer you little cuties! Tell them I sent ya :-) Happy Shopping

Okay so here are the most recent outfits that Miss H has received from Smockabilly Kids!!!  I adore these outfits so much! Oh and let me tell you my child has worn her sweet owl bishop like crazy an it still looks brand new!
We can't wait for our trip to Cape Cod this summer…perfect outfit for it! 

I love this owl dress

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