Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fishy love…for our friends

Miss H is not in school so we don't really have a class to give out Valentine cards too.  However we do have yoga and music class.  Both have about 7 kiddos in them which makes it perfect for Miss H to pass out a little goodies!

Miss H and I were chatting about her choices for goodies and she picked gold fish crackers.  Of course a 2 year old would pick that.  But I was happy with her choice…way better than fruit snacks, aka candy if you ask H.  Again after searching good old pintrest we found a cute idea!  Here are Miss H's Valentine treat for her friends.  She loved passing them out today to her friends!  

Yes, its the teacher in me that loves to make these little goodies for her to share.  I am sure she will hate it when she is older so I have to take advantage now ;-)  What cute goodies did you make for your little ones to share? 

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