Sunday, February 09, 2014

Rodeo Time!!

This weekend we were very busy!! We really didn't have any plans being as it was FREEZING cold all week.  Miss H and I had discussed going to the zoo on Saturday since it was finally going to be above freezing and a normal temp.  However, then Thursday I ran across some Rodeo tickets for Saturday so bam we had plans!

Miss H loves the stock show we have gone 2 times since it has been in town.  Saturday was the final day for the stock show and the rodeo.  Making our rodeo tickets even better because they put on a wonderful show.  Miss H was really excited to go to the stock show again.  She wasn't very sure about the rodeo part since she has never gone.  Both Chris and I explained the fun events and she acted excited…well let me tell you! I wish I could have videoed her the whole time!  She was really excited.  Poor thing only got about a 20 min nap prior so she was a little sleepy…but many she still loved it! She loved the barrel racing, the clowns, the kids catching cows…and on and on!  I am so happy we took her and can't wait to go again next year.  Seeing the pure joy on her face was worth every second of our day!  These are the days I love most as a mommy.

Just a little preview of the opening.. I love that she was point to all the horse!

After the rodeo we hit up the pony rides.  She loves her horsey at home (the one she rides around he house) But this was a whole other level of horse.  She was the first in line and got to pick hers…she picked this sweet horse named Pokey!  She was very serious at first and then loosened up.  She enjoyed riding on him and was shocked at how fast a horsey walks.  She said mommy no run walk please…I explained that this is how a horse walks.  Then she said oh fast walk!  It was cute.  She would say yea haw and pet the horse.  Pretty sure she would have stayed all day!

looks like we were saying yeee haaww here

Of course the second we made it back to the car H was fast asleep. Which was good and bad being as it was 5 pm! But the girl partied hard I tell ya.  Chris and I then hit up a new restaurant in downtown, The Little Red Wasp.  It was a very nice meal as Miss H slept in her stroller the whole time.  We actually got to just sit and enjoy some adult talk and such (forgot to take a pic of us).  Plus the food was amazing.  I recommend this to any local friends.  Heck we got a little date night without the babysitter fee! BONUS for all!!

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