Monday, September 07, 2009

Scottsdale Fairytale

on our way...

Labor Day is always amazing...or should I say since I met Chris that is. He, his father, and best good friend Z spend every Labor Day in Scottsdale, AZ. They head up to the Four Seasons Troon North and spend their days filled with GOLF. Well since I have been dating Chris the trip was opened up to me. Apparently "everyone is" invited (his mom and sister too) but they just don't come. I was quick to jump on the offer last year when it came about. The way I see it is I hang at the pool and they golf. I keep to myself during the day and they have "guy time". It is PERFECT! Last year I loved my time at the pool just relaxing and enjoying the services. It was such an amazing trip that I have been looking forward to it all year.

This year has proven to be more AMAZING than I could have ever imagined! Chris and I took off to AZ for our wonderful weekend. I am so pumped this year that I even brought double the magazines to enjoy at the pool. Last year I had only about 5...and ran through them pretty quickly. This year I thought oh 8 will do, and I can always buy more if needed. When we arrived the boys were quickly off to the first course and I too the pool. As I was relaxing I really felt this weekend couldn't get any better. However, that all changed on Saturday!

Saturday started off a little BLAH!!! I only say that because it was never rains here but on Saturday morning it did. I had just made my way to the pool and then it began. The wonderful staff put up a nice umbrella around me so I could wait it out. Well after about oh an hour of on and off rain it stopped. Finally I was able to lay with some hope of rays busting through the clouds to me. The boys finished up golf and then met me at the pool. We all enjoyed and afternoon of swimming...oh wait I enjoyed it and the guys all slept beside me! I guess waking up at 6 to golf is hard work!

As we were laying there Chris informed me that we had spa appointments at 3. He had booked us a couples massage. We always get on while we are here, it just adds to the AMAZINGNESS (my own new word) of the trip. Off we went to get our massage and boy did I need it. After starting school and playing tennis all last weekend I was ready to relax. The massage was so wonderful...I think my girl was better than Chris' but he thought his was great too. Regardless we were both very satisfied. Back to our room to clean up for dinner. Oh did I mention that we also EAT at the most amazing places (have you noticed everything is AMAZING here!!!!) Chris was in charge of dinners this year so of course it was steak, steak, and steak. Well Sat. night was our "fancy" dinner.

After we got ready we had some time to waste, so off to the hotel area we went. (we stay at a different area the residence club) Chris, Z, Steve (Chris' dad), and I all went up and enjoyed happy hour. Then I asked Chris if we could go down to our spot and take some pictures. We took some great pictures there last year so of course we needed some from this year. He was fine with that so off we went.

That leads to the moment I will never forget.........................CHRIS PROPOSED to me!!! It was so UNREAL, UNEXPECTED, and PERFECT! I couldn't have asked for it to have been any better. Of course I began to cry and became such a mess...and I did say YES! Then when we rounded the corner to tell Steve and Z they were already taking pictures. It was so amazing, I still can't believe it, I am getting married. Most people would think that was the end....but it was only the beginning! You will never believe what Chris had planned next....
(So completely annoyed with blogger I gave up on adding the pics to this post and have posted them on their own. Sorry about that.)


Abby said...

I love that you wanted to take pics, that's what Chris told me. When I ask where he was going to do it. He said "there is the most beautiful place where we took pictures last year!". He totally played you!!

Spotted-Bird said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I read Abby's blog and I was so excited with her post. Just wanted to come over here and tell you congratulations. You have a great guy! Chris did a great job planning everything. Can't wait to read about all the wedding details.