Monday, September 07, 2009

PICTURE OVER LOAD...are you ready??

Okay have to read the prior post before enjoying the pictures!! Come on just do it...Thanks
The view I will see for the whole weekend...ahhh
Z we love your shorts! Nice

Chris and Z best friends (also know as BEST MAN)

The way the boys looked on Saturday after golf...all passed out.

Happy hour on Saturday night. I love the view here!
Chris and his dad aren't they so cute?

Just chilling...enjoying life.

The view from our seats. It isn't it beautiful? I love this place!!

The whole group (pre the big question, note no ring)

Here is one of the pictures we took on the way....I love taking pictures here.

OH MY GOSH!! Chris snapped this just after I said yes, I am such a mess. Please don't judge the fact that I am an "ugly" crier! But look at my AMAZING WONDERFUL ring.

Steve, Chris, and I right after. I am still freaking out.

All of us back together, NOW ENGAGED!!!

Chris and Z after the proposal on our way to dinner. They both were so cute and happy.
I know I was probably the happiest ever!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you!!! I can't wait for the conclusion. Can it really get any better. OMG!!!


The Ham Family said...

YEA! Another wedding to look forward to. Don't keep us waiting long for the conclusion please. Gay

Abby said...

Happiest ever may not begin to describe it!! Yes, please hurry with the conclusion!!

Kara said...

So excitiing! As I said in my e-mail, Lola is ready for flowergirl duties!