Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Over the top and then

....was dinner! I knew we were heading off to dinner at Maestros for a 7:30 reservation. However, I really wanted to run to the house and get my phone. I mean how can I share the most amazing news of my life when I don't have that. You see here in Scottsdale I simply don't keep my phone on me....there is NORMALLY no reason to. I was a little sad, but who can be with this AMAZING RING on my finger and AMAZING FIANCEE!!

Finally we arrive at Maestros. We pull in to valet to park and walk in. Chris walks up and says "Roberts for 8" I quickly correct him and say no 7:30 honey. He goes "oh yes 7:30" Off we go following the hostess to our table. I am in complete AHH of my ring that I am just walking not really paying attention. Then she says, "Will this be okay?" I look up to see...

MY FAMILY!! MOM DAD ABBY and BRIAN!!! Yes they are sitting there at our table. They are there in Scottsdale with me. I can't believe what I am seeing.....first the ring and now my family! Oh my gosh. Of course I start crying again, I am such a mess! This could not have been any better. CHRIS ROBERTS YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I can't believe you asked my family to come all this way. You really knew what I wanted most, to share this with my people.

the whole group

my face as I see my family!!!

I am still in shock, can you tell?

This was the amazing shrimp cocktail we ordered!

GIFTS, we are already getting gifts and it has been less than an hour from the proposal!

Abby and Brian, I can't believe it they are here with me.

Mom and dad too!! WOW WOW WOW

Z, Steve, and Chris. What a night!

1 of our amazing desserts. Look how pretty it is.

The next day Chris and the guys, including my dad, had an early tee time. I was so pumped from the night before I only slept an hour at most. The following pictures are from the days after the proposal events with my family and all.

Our "first" day engaged!

This rainbow was just for me...and there are 2!

Z making fun of me to dad and Brian!! I am just so happy

Mom and dad after golf back at the Four Seasons

The whole group replaying the day of golf and relaxing.

OUR SPOT, where he asked me to marry him!

Chris and I replaying the event for picture reasons!!!

Again, at our spot taking pictures with the ring on my hand.

and a close up!

I love this man with all my heart. Yeah we are getting married.

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Alexis said...

Awww! I teared up just reading all of your exciting news!!! Congratulations and I'll be sure to ask Abby all the amazing details!