Tuesday, November 30, 2010

House DIVIDED!!!

Okay so I am just going to throw it all out there and say....AGAIN this year our HOUSE is DIVIDED!  Why you may ask? THE BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP!!  Last year it was not as bad as this year.  You see I didn't really LIVE with Chris.  Well now that we are married this game proves to be a little bigger.  Not only because we live together...but it is also the end of the "BIG 12" thanks Nebraska. 

Let's set the scene here:  Chris BORN and RAISED in Nebraska is a die hard HUSKER!!!  He loves his huskers...I mean come on he graduated from Baylor, yet we have more Nebraska items at our house!  I guess when you live in a state that has one major team you have to LOVE it!!  I of course went to the GRAND school...The University of Oklahoma! (BOOMER SOONER) I love my school and I love being a Sooner.  I a Sooner fan of course have ToNs of SOoNeR gear!  Therefore upon moving into "his" our house I brought my Sooner gear; clearly!

Here is how our house looks currently!!

Yes there are 2 flag poles and 2 flags.  That my friend was not always the case.  I brought this cute flag and pole with me.  I have other flags that are flown on it, but during football season it is the Sooner flag that flies.  Well Chris thought he would be cute and went online of course (the only way he shops) and bought a Nebraska flag.  Then he would switch the flags out based upon who had a "HaRdEr" game that weekend!!!  NO NO NO....not in our house mister.  This went on for some weeks!  It went on so long that 3 different neighbors commented.  One even asked, "so do you like Nebraska or OU?"  Thus Chris had to explain why we switch so much.  My wonderful husband then goes back online and buys a new flag pole.  Yes, that is right he bought his own flag pole.  He then proceeded to place it in the yard next to mine.  Oh and did I mention he put his flag on my pole and my flag on his pole (I don't know why really??).  Now we have a house with 2 flags and 2 poles outside!!!

Oh and did I mention that I also have this on the door (well until Chris replaces it with our Christmas wreath)

....and a few other Sooner items around the house.

my cute rock thanks to Kara!!

I didn't take pictures of them all....a blanket, salt and pepper shakers (that Chris bought me!), dishes,  and more.

He also bought a floor mat that sits by our front door.

Now here is the dilemma....SATURDAY our teams will play!  SATURDAY, Chris his father, brother, best friend and more will ATTEND the game at the Cowboys' stadium (ha they are sitting in the OU section, and I had nothing to do with that!!!)....But SATURDAY I will be attending something other than a football game, my sweet niece Little Bear's 7th birthday.  I go every year and wouldn't miss it for the world.  DILEMMA: The house will be HOSTING all NEBRASKA LOVERS while I am out of town!!! YIKES...I have already been told my Sooner gear must go down.  ~WHAT~ how could those boys?  Chris claims that as of this Thursday night we are HUSKER territory!!! YIKES!!!  I am scared that when I return on Sunday the house will be covered in corn or something (ha).

Although we are a house divided this weekend; we both do love that our teams are good enough to make it this far.  We love that we have this weekend to "battle."  What I love most is that my SOONERS can beat some Husker butt!  Let's go SOONER!!!


Aggie98 said...

I am rooting for OU - However, it should be well noted that AGGIES beat BOTH OU AND NEBRASKA. :) GiG Em.

Anonymous said...

What Aggie98 said. They already both lost to the Ags. Although at least OU isn't a bunch of whiners.