Friday, October 14, 2011

Desperate Pregnant woman seeking help, PLEASE!

Okay, okay, okay I know I am a little crazy.  However, I am now as of TODAY beginning the 3rd trimester.  Thus I feel as though we should be narrowing down all baby decisions.  The one that is currently has continuously been an issue is a GiRl BaBy NaMe!!

We are set on our little boy name (which I will share closer to the due date), thus making me feel so bad for our baby if it is a girl.  Then again I keep thinking since we can't find a girl name we LOVE it must be a boy in there.  I know its all a mess over here.  I reach out my arms to you all, my sweet blog readers and THANK YOU in advance for all the wonderful names sent our way.  Please help! I am becoming a CRAZY pregnant woman...Yes, I am really. I mean I have gone as far as to....

  • searched for hours online at all baby name sites
  • stalked our church nursery reading the backs of each little girl's outfit
  • asked all my close friends and family (who even hated some of my choices, ha)
  • even asked random strangers...I'm that desperate! 
Oh and did I mention what a crazy woman I was when it comes to names...ha ha ha! I blame the inner teacher in me.  You see I of course will not use certain names that have been ruined by small children who misbehave or act just out of control in class.  Something about yelling or constantly saying that kids name for a year can ruin it for you!  Then you have the logic that goes with filling out scan-tron test and bubbling in your don't want it too long!   Oh and I like to use first names for first names...YIKES! I told you my crazy teacher came out in me here.  However, I know you can help...PLEASE I am begging you.  


Anonymous said...

Wish I could help but I didn't have any idea as to a girl name therefore really excited that Gregory was a boy! Good luck in your search.

Love ya,

Kara said...

I think when picking names, you should run them by a teacher, and then run them by someone like me. I can tell you which name is more likely to cause your child to be a criminal.