Sunday, October 16, 2011

Family and Tennis who could ask for more?

This weekend got off to an early start as I took off Friday for our tennis tournament.  My wonderful woman's combo tennis team made it to sectionals...which was in Waco.  We headed out pretty early to make it there in time for our first match at 10 am.  Not only was it a wonderful tennis weekend...but my sister and crew got to come up too.  Our 10 am match didn't go as well as we would have liked, we only won 1 out of 3....but that is okay.  Then just in time for lunch shows up the family.

Keep in mind my poor sister and family have not seen me in my full ROUNDNESS!  Plus my sweet nephew is about to be 4 so he is not so sure about the "fat tummy" as he kept saying.  HA HA HA! After our great lunch it was time for round two of tennis!   I played this round, and boy was it fun.  First off we played some ladies that were scared to death of me because I was pregnant.   It's like I had the plaque or something...they kept saying we have to play you.  But no worries as we won our match fairly quickly!  Also I got to enjoy listening to Little Bear and Monkey cheering me on.  It was not Little Bears first tennis watching, but she kept explaining to Monkey what was going on.  It was super cute and they did a great job of being quite when needed.  Plus I think my sister and brother in law got a kick at watching my fat butt try to run to those short balls.  I can only imagine what I look like out there.

After our team won the second round everyone was ready to head home.  We had another match on Saturday at 11 to be back here for.  I however, didn't head home instead I followed Abby and them to go old College Station.  They were going to the Aggie game Sat. morning and it too was at we got to have a little "birthday" weekend (To celebrate mine, Oct 6, my brother in law Brian's, Oct 17, and my sister's, Oct 31).  We had a blast camping out in the house.  It was fun even with all the crazy issues that came being my air mattress having a HOLE! YIKES!!!

Opening the gifts Little Bear gave me...a pez dispenser love it!
Also they picked out a a mirror for the car for Baby R and a pull down bird!

and then....I got our high chair I wanted so badly! They are too good to me!!

here we are camping out...he he he

Birthday breakfast for Brian

proof that she loved the fountain of chocolate....

Saying good bye, we hate leaving each other.

Abby, Baby R, and I
Brian wanted to do his birthday breakfast at Golden Corral.....mmmm it was so exciting to have so many choices for food.  Little Bear learned to love the chocolate fountain very quickly.  I just enjoyed all of it! HA..After breakfast I had to head back to Waco for our match.  Plus Little Monkey was ready to head over to the Aggie game.

Back in Waco we won the third round, which was wonderful....but since there were 3 teams we needed the team we lost to (Austin) to lose their match so we could move on.  Even though we did great stupid Austin won too...thus kicking us out! BOO!  But it was fun no matter what I guess that is all that matters.    All in all it was an amazing weekend!  I got to enjoy good tennis..but most of all I got to enjoy my family! Now back to work again, boo.

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Kara said...

Happy Belated B-day. I forgot to e-mail you because I was in the middle of my 3 nightmare weeks!

Glad you got to join the Goerigs for the Golden Corral fun.