Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ramblings from room 211

This past week my sweet S had another funny day at school.  It is days like this that I love being a teacher! We had a wonderful day for recess that day.  Like most S does not want to come in but will line up with a sad face.  On this particular day he was extra grouchy about lining up.  I choosing my battles with S, which has to be done some days, let this one go!

As normal we did our table bathroom breaks and were ready to start math.  However, I noticed that S had not returned from the bathroom.  I sent one of my boys back in to see if things were okay.  He returns to say that S is sad and wont come out!

Oh geezzee, now I have to enter the stinky, nasty, boys bathroom! Bleh! I enter and ask S to come out so we can speak in a less smelly places.  He laughs and comes out.

Me: S why are you so sad?
S: I just need some alone time.
Me: I will be glad to give you some time, but I can't help if you don't tell me.
S: Well its just that at recess I told T (another second grade girl) that I loved her.  She didn't love me back!
Me: (with some relief that this is all our problem is) Oh sweet S....has your mom ever told you there are a million fish in the sea?
S: (confused look) no, but I know there are a lot of fish in the sea.
Me: Well, that is kind of the same thing with girls.  There are a million girls out there...some you like, some you don't like, and some that may not like you.  Maybe T is just not the right fish for you.  I think you should keep fishing....
S: I don't want to keep fishing....my heart will never BEAT again!
Me: (trying not to smile) Well, for now you will have to settle with my love for the day!  Can you handle that?
S: It's not the love I want but okay...fine.

Oh sweet innocent love...how it can be so mean at such a young age! Not to worry S's mom and I had a chat about his heart break.  The next day he returned to tell me he was moving on...and that my love for him this year would be enough.  But he was still fishing!   I love this child! He makes my job 100 percent amazing! I love the innocents of my sweet second graders.

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