Thursday, October 20, 2011

Warning....TMI alert!

I want to warn those of you reading that this post could be TMI as in it will be about breast feeding and birth stuff!!!  STOP NOW if you don't want to "hear" read it! 

On Tuesday, I had my 27 week check up and the nasty blood glucose test!  But mostly I received good insight on what to expect here in my 3rd trimester.  You know the MUST DO items before Baby R arrives.  Funny, but I just don't think or feel like I should be this far along now.  I mean it is crazy that in 3 months we will have our little bundle of joy in our ARMS! I still can't believe how fast the time has gone.  Chris is super excited and would take Baby R now....but I keep telling him the longer in the oven the better :-) 

Needless to say we have been given the following instructions: 
  • go online and register with the hospital (must be done before 35 weeks)
  • find Baby R a pediatrician
  • sign up for in birth classes, nursing classes, and safety classes
  • make my "birth plan" (more on this in a bit)
Okay so I was floored when she was telling me I needed to register with the hospital....glad Chris was there to remember everything because I think I was in shock at that point!  Now the pediatrician we have been talking about for a month. I think we have found 2 options for a good one.  On the classes, I do want to get those done pretty much asap.  I am afraid with all the holidays coming up we need to get them done now or it maybe hard to fit them in.  

Now on this "birth plan" business....Okay I have read in a few of my books that I need to make one, but wasn't 100 percent sure what all that meant and such.  Therefore, since I knew I was heading to the Dr. this week I felt like I could just ask her what it was and if I REALLY needed one.  She laughed at me at first.  Then she said that many mom's-to-be have an idea of what they want their birth experience to be like.  To ensure they have that "perfect" experience they create a birth plan so everyone (as in Dr., nurses, and such) will be aware of their request.  Okay if you know me I have one PLAN for this BIRTH!  DRUGS, drugs, DrUgS, dRuGs, and more DRUGS!!!!  Sorry if you are the all natural kind of gal...this gal here carrying Baby R, well she likes her meds and the PAIN FREE idea of birth. (here is an example of a birth plan you can fill out....but just google it there are tons to choose from)

Thus I asked my Dr. if I needed to make a plan to tell them I want DRUGS the SeCoNd I walk in the DOOR.  She kind of laughed.  Then I did add in that I would like for no one to really eat in the room.  She asked why?  I said well if I can't really eat I don't want to watch others do so.  That is when I learned....I can have food if I wish!  She said labor is hard work and if your hungry she would like you to eat.  This way you have energy for the "pushing" part.  ❤❤ I love my Dr.❤❤ Guess now I just need to WRITE down that I want DRUGS for my "birth plan".  

Now on to the other HAPPY news, besides my drugs and food! Ha ha ha.  Chris' mom had asked me the other night if I thought my insurance would cover my breast pump.  I remember when my sister bought her two pumps it was NOT covered by insurance.  However, I talked with Chris and asked if he would call and check in on that.  YIPPEE!! Come to find out all breast pump and breast pump items (aka nipple shields, replacement parts, breast pads) are covered on my insurance 100%.  I LOVE my husband for calling on this!!!  I did think there must be a catch, you know only a certain brand or place to purchase it.  Nope, I can go buy my pump from any where and it can be any brand and they will reimburse us 100%.  How super is that?  So you soon to be your insurance and double check that.  The worst they can do is say NO! 

Oh yeah and my results came back today!  I did great on my test!! Which means I don't have to go back and do the awful 4 hour test, YIPPEE.  Also that means I don't have gestational diabetes. All in all I found this last visit to the Dr. very informative and I eye opening.  Did I mention that next month is our official LAST MONTHLY visit...then it is every 2 weeks! YIKES!

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Jessie Whitfield said...

Oh my goodness this is all so exciting! 3 months! Woohoo! Registering for the hospital would freak me out too haha I got my packet for my hospital when I was only 7 weeks and nearly freaked then. But its so exciting! And I will be looking into this whole breast pump being covered thing! That'd be GREAT!!! Yay!