Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Slowing down,

Sorry for the lack in blogging this past week...but my life is so crazy busy now!  I am suppose to be slowing down...per my doctor however that is just not possible! I mean come on really I have to plan for a sub to be in my classroom at any moment now.  We have a baby's room to finish! We have baby items to buy, build, install, and prepare! Oh and in case you didn't notice...its the HOLIDAYS!  HA HA HA, slow down really.

Thus my blog week recap from last weeks crazy adventures: (a little long, sorry)

First of all our last week of school we have "singing in the halls" every morning for the first 30-40 minutes!  Yes, even though you may have heard that FWISD did not allow "SANTA" or "Christmas" in their schools, we still do it.  Our school is very huge in traditions and well it would take an ARMY to bring all the traditions to a stop. Anyways, the first 2 days of singing in the halls are a little crazy as the kids are getting the hang of which song to sing when.  We sing on average 10-12 songs....we cover all religions even :-)  Here is a cute little piece of singing in the halls we were singing Jingle Bells....oh and did I mention all 450 plus students and parents crowd into the main hall!  It is a blast promise!
So after singing for 40 minutes then you are suppose to have class, HA HA HA.  Not only are you to have class but you also have to give test and such!  Needless to say the last few days of school last week were a challenge, but we made it through!  
Chris even joined us for singing in the halls! 
On to the other aspect of teaching!  I love my job and I love my kids, but man does it suck to have to plan for some person to step in and be you!  I hate missing one day of school, but weeks!  YIKES! I have been really stumbling on how to prepare my lesson plans for my sub while I am out with sweet Baby R!  I started and restarted lesson plans like 4 times.  However, I finally buckled down last Wednesday and just did it.  I don't know if they are amazing or not, but well I did my best with what I could.  I mean every morning I would wake up and realize I forgot to mention something or the procedure for this or that! Not only that but I have also begun winging my sweet babies!  

Yes, I have begun to show them that if I don't arrive back after Christmas break they will manage and ACT NICE while I am gone!  HA, HA, HA, easier said than done right.  Especially my sweet S in class, he was my biggest worry.  He like Winston can tell that the end is near and has been extra needy in class.  Last week I had to look at him and say:  "S you will be amazing and wonderful while I am gone because I don't want to hear other wise....then I will have to come back up here to have a chat" Of course in true S style he said back: "Well I don't want to have a chat, but I do want to see the baby."  I then had to inform him that the baby and I would come only if he promised to act nice...otherwise he only got me and my "chat" voice!  He smiled and agreed he could do it while I was gone!  Such a sweet boy! 

Why all the fuss on making sure SCHOOL is 100% ready to go....well last Wednesday Baby R and I had our weekly visit to the Dr.  Things are moving right along, actually moving along so much that my Dr. asked over my 2 week break that I well....DO NOTHING!  Her exact words were: Spend more time on my bottom than on my feet!  Really, thus the rush to make sure we are ready at school for my sub to jump in, just in case I don't make it back to school on Jan 2.  However, I had a small "chat" with Baby R and told him/her that coming before Jan 2 would not due!  Ha like the baby cares what I think.  Now I can blog about being on CHRISTMAS BREAK!! WHOO WHOO!

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