Sunday, December 11, 2011

Showered with love

All of the wonderful hostess for our shower! 

This weekend my friends threw Baby R and I a wonderful shower.  This is our last big event before sweet Baby R arrives.  I am so grateful to them for the beautiful day.  Also, we are very bless that we got to spend the weekend with both my family and Chris' family.  Thanks families for making the trip to see us!  Nothing like a sweet baby to bring the world together.  I have a billion pictures (thanks to Abby and Kara) but will keep it narrowed down a bit for your sake.  Plus I think they do the shower justices more than me rambling on about how great it was.  Here you go!

Here are all the sweet decorations and yummy food.  P.S. if you want the info for the
amazing breakfast pizza click here.

 All of my sweet guest that came to spoil sweet Baby R!  Baby R has no idea how great all these people are....and will want to squeeze him/her up! 
 The kiddos

 Chris' sisters and Mom, I am so angry that I didn't get a pic with them...

 Abby, Mom, Little Bear, and I
 Oh heavens all the goodies!  
 The Taft family....with sweet baby Jake who is only 4 weeks old...Hannah looks amazing already she gives me great hope for the after the baby look. 

 Look I finally found a good use for the "girls" up top....besides the feeding thing they will do later!  They are excellent at showing off cute clothes and such! 

 After the shower we got tot meet up with my FAVORITE Oklahoma gals!  I love the Flax's they are the best, I can't believe how old Abby is!  She will be driving soon....holly cow, she was 5 when I first started nannying her!  Oh yeah, wonder what's going on here...well Abby killed her toe on our front path!  Not to worry the Dr was here to help out!  
 Here we are tying to make Abby feel better (and act silly) and "cover" up her crazy toe.  Ha ha ha.... I love this family so much. Thanks Flax's gals for making the trip for Baby R!

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Anonymous said...

Well that is a great thing for the "girls" up top but have to disagree that it was cute clothes-- GO POKES!!!! LOL love it. Looks like fun was had by all!!

You know have to give hard time about that.

Love You Cousin!!