Friday, December 23, 2011

Surprise Parties!

Last Thursday night my dear friend Alison's boyfriend, Chad, threw her a huge surprise birthday party!  Alison is joining the 3-0 club...and well having a birthday on Dec 23 doesn't leave much room for parties as Christmas takes over.  (again a reason we need Baby R to wait till January) Since she has not had a birthday party in a few years he thought a surprise one would be great!

Chad was so cute as he has been preparing for the past 2 months!  He even asked her brother and sister to come to town for it.  I of course helped out by posting pictures of Alison all over from her child hood.  Thanks to her sister who stole the pics for us!  All in all it was a wonderful party and she was more than surprised!  Here are some pics to show the shock...I think Marcus her son was even more surprised! HA

 the gang hiding from her

Alison very surprised 

She just realized her brother and sister where there... 
Marcus, Alison, and Chad-too cute! 
Alison with her brother and sister 

Baby R enjoying his/her first surprise party as well as Chris and I.

All the girls gathered up!  Love this group they are the best!

Happy Birthday Alison and Welcome to the big 3-0!

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