Thursday, December 22, 2011


Whew I made it to Christmas break, there for a moment I wondered if I would.  I love that we get 2 full weeks off.  I also love that we got out the week before Christmas, unlike my poor mom who gets out this Thursday.  Can you imagine trying to finish your shopping with only 2 days before...NO, thank goodness we have this whole week.  So what's on the list for our Christmas break...a MILLION things! Ha, Ha, Ha,

To Do's

  • purchase final Baby R items
  • organize Baby R's room/ closet
  • hang the decor in Baby R's room
  • put together all of Baby R's items
  • finish Christmas letters and mail cards
  • finish grades for school
  • wrap all family gifts for Christmas
  • pack our hospital bag, yikes!
  • oh and REST, REST, REST!!! 
Okay so as of this past Saturday we have accomplished a ton! We can check off the list many of those items. (thanks to my friend Alison for helping out...she is the best)
  • we purchased the last 5 must have items on Saturday
  • put together Baby R's items

  • Cleaned up Baby R's room
I am so embarrassed to even post this...but this was after our last shower! 
Looking better...that is just the closet, and those doors are gone!  I'll post final ones this weekend! 
  • Oh and also, I have wrapped all of the gifts that need to go with my sister to my parents! 
That is well as far as we are for now.  I plan to finish our Christmas cards tonight to mail out by Friday! Abby and Co will be here for a quick drive through tomorrow so I will have to love on my Little Bear and Monkey they will be off to my mom's for Christmas.  Then Winston and I have big plans of hanging pictures and curtains in Baby R's room....we might even let Chris help some! :-)  Now I leave you with a picture of what Winston and my Dr. would like me to be doing everyday!  

Nothing but chilling, blogging, texting, tivo catching up, and well sitting! Winston is enjoying the warm sleeping spot if you can't tell! 

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