Friday, July 03, 2009

Doing what's best hurts!

For some time now I have been thinking about my sweet turtle Tucker! I mean he is such a great turtle and I love him so....but I also can tell he is getting a bit big for his home! I have had tucker for 5 years now. Mom has turtles at home and he was one of the FIRST babies. Therefore, I thought I would take him back to Fort Worth with me so we knew he would live. You see when the babies are born they don't realize mom will feed rarly do they live!

Well sinc I have had my sweet Tucker he has grown, grown, grown. He started out the size of a quarter and living in a small fish tank. As time has gone he is now the size of a ceral bowl and in his 2nd tank. However, since he lives mostly in sand his nails are getting a bit long. I have tried various rocks and such but he burries them. Therefore I came to the conclusion that he probably needs a better home.

I looked around at the next size up tank! YIKES it is huge....and thought about what I could put in it to help tame his nail growth. But would this really be a better place for him? Mom has been dead set on me releasing him in Abby's town. That way he would live in a hot climate and not freeze during winter. Sine I have had him inside his whole life he really doesn't know how to hyberante and such. He would never make it in AMARILLO! Therefore, I needed to do some research. The pet shop we adoptided Winston at had many reptials and turtles. I did some calling around. They recommended a place who may be interested!

The start of summer I wanted to do what I could to help find Tucker a new home. I sent out about 5 or so emails to various places and just waited. It wasn't until the week we took off for Colorado that I heard from any one. I had emailed pet shops, animal sancuaries, and the zoo. Finally I heard back from the Plano Living Materials Center (who the pet store recommended). They have many different animals and are part of the Plano ISD. The wonderful man there said they would love to have Tucker! HAPPINESS HAPPINESS HAPPINESS!!! I was so excited to know I had found a good home for him. I mean I didn't want to worry I had not done what was best for him.

Therefore Tucker and I made the journey to Plano on Thursday, June 25. The center is only open during summer school hours so we had to be up early ready to battle traffic. Thankfully Chris was able to swing by between appointments and help me lift Tucker into the car. 8:30 am and we were ready to roll. I laughed because I think out of all the pets I have (Bob, Tucker, and Winston) Tucker is the best to travel with. We arrived to the center at about 10. I went in to find out what was needed from me so that I could "donate" Tucker.

Loaded up and ready to go...

The front of his new home! Looks nice.

The wonderful lady up front told me I just needed to fill out a donation form and then we would be on our way. I went to the was your typical form for donating. My name, address, reason for donation. The animals name, sex, age, and living enviornment......THEN THE HARD PART!!!!

The very last thing I had to sign on was the fact that I as pet/animal owner was giving up ALL RIGHTS to this pet/animal. I would not contact the center with reguards to how my pet/animal is doing. I will not send information reguarding about my pet/animal. I will not longer have any say our part in this pet/animals life.

As I read this I just thought to my self....WOW! I mean here I am just trying to do what is best for sweet Tucker and now have to terminate all rights to him. Then I started to think if I am feeling guilty signing this paper on my TURTLE, how does a woman give thier child away! I signed the paper and then we walked to my car. I backed it into the drive and together the woman and I loaded Tucker up on the flat bed.

The woman seemed happy to have Tucker and started checking him out. Then she began to tell me how it was a good thing I brought him because he had a malformed shell. I was a bit baffled by this, but what ever. She claims his bottom shell had out grown his top shell causeing him to always need captivity. That made me perfectly happy because after all that IS what I wanted too. I wanted to know he would be well taken care of and used in their educational program. Although he has a malformed shell, it has now allowed him safety for the rest of his life! I handed over all his equipment, light, tank, food, and such then was on my way!

My sweet Tucker as I say good bye!

In case you ever find an extra critter.....just follow the directions!

The long hour twenty five mintue ride was a bit different home. I mean I know I did what was best for him, but it is going to be wierd with out him. I also began to wonder if Bob would miss Tucker! I mean she does like to sit and watch him run around. I hope Tucker will enjoy his new home there at the center. They had many amazing animals and reptiles so I am postive he will fit in fine.

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