Tuesday, July 07, 2009


This past week I have been able to actually enjoy my summer break. (at home that is) I spent 2 days out shopping with one of my good friends Hoover and her sweet new baby girl! The next day was spent laying out at the pool with Wiggs and A. Smith! Yes it was only until June 30....BUT finally I got to lay out at the pool all day.

The rest of the week was just chill'n at home with Winston and Bob. Winston is getting so big and we have had some great bonding time. Normally he loves Chris more than me....NOT ANY MORE! Chris came home yesterday afternoon from Minnesota. Winston was excited to see him; it wasn't until later that Chris realized he has been kick out of the favorite spot. As Winston follows me all around the house, wants to walk with me, and lay sweetly in my lap. Sorry honey that's just the way the cookie crumbles. I am sure once summer is over he will Love Chris again more than I. Chris pointed out to him today that you know summer will be over soon!

No worries though Chris is taking full advantage of me being at home with the pets and hardly anything major to do. Here is the list he asked me to do today! (I am afraid there will be more to come over the next few weeks)

  • Target for some food and other stuff (That is great because it is My Favorite place to go)

  • fill up a new 5 gallon water for the house

  • Petsmart for Winston (bones and nail clipping)

  • oh and the dreaded laundry.....as Chris was teaching me how to wash his new shirts!

Well as I was checking things off my list....I realized that Target already has the "SCHOOL SUPPLIES" set up and ready to go! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! That made me go back to Chris' horrifying statement from this morning! My summer is almost over AAAAHHHHHHH!! How can this be I still have so much to do:

  • A week with my favorite Little Bear and Little Monkey

  • Girls Trip

  • Cleaning out my closets

Well I finished Chris' list today in oh about an hour or so....kind of got side tracked at Target! I guess next week I shall tackle the closets before heading out to the Big EC!

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