Monday, July 20, 2009

Rocking Out 220 Style

220 Girls!

I know I have said this a million times before but I should say it one more time at least. I LOVE MY SCHOOL!! Okay so I love all the wonderful people I work with whether it be at work or out just chilling. Last night all my sweet friends had planned a 220 Crawl.... Okay you may not know what that is; basically we hit up a few bars around our school.

The place we began at was OUI...a few of our friends had been there "years ago" so we wanted to check it out. This bar is right on the Bluebonnet Circle. You know it is Sunday night after all but us teachers...NO WORK on Monday!!! We rolled in and there were a few locals, but I guess our group was a little rowdy so soon it was just us. The bar tender was a sweet older lady who seemed to just hang out. We had a blast just catching up on the summer fun. The guys were sitting at the bar enjoying beer and the Rangers game. It wasn't long before our night got INTERESTING....

The bar tender Kathy....just fell, hit her head HARD, and began seizing...Lucky for us we had MR. FIREFIGHTER POOLER!!! He was quick to the scene, okay just ran behind the bar. In the craziness of it all we tried to get 911 there. Amazingly enough this bar is not on their map or lucky for us there was a cop who had pulled a guy over right out front. Chad took care of that...he had her call in the problem and soon we had firefighters.

STATION 21!!! (These are the really hot firefighters that come to our school on career day...mmmmm All the teachers manage to walk by them. Lucky for me I teach little ones and we go to them anyways, upper grades don't.) Quickly they had Miss Kathy awake and talking. As they were taking her out on the back board we all realized one PROBLEM...Who was going to take over the bar? Kathy yelled out a number and I called up a new bar tender. All that commotion was enough for us and the 1 other patron....We had to wait for the new bar tender to arrive so we could tab out...then we were off to POOP DECK!!

Armenta and Wilson

Julie and I

The boys just before the craziness

Poop Deck is a great little bar just around the corner from our school. It is stuck between a gas station and some wanna be restaurant thing. By the looks of the outside you may not want to go in...but they are so AMAZING! The real reason we went was Sunday is Karaoke night!! WATCH OUT HERE WE COME!!! I guess we rolled in around 10ish, and joined the "locals". We had such a blast at the Poop Deck. The people were outstanding....the bar tenders amazing...and well the entertainment (that was us) ROCKING!!! We ended up rocking the night away there at the Poop Deck. All I know is that we can freaking sing people....okay well you may want ear plugs but we thought it was American Idol worthy!
Apparently the karaoke was to end at 1, but since we were having such a great time they kept it going. We ended up leaving the joint at about 1:30ish....Then Julie, Kyle, and I began our battle of "the drive-thru's". Don't go to Bueno...they shut down at 1:45 even though the sign says 2! No Taco Bell either....they shut the lights off as we pulled in at 1:50. THANK YOU WENDY'S who really does stay open til 2; as advertised!!! Hamburgers not as good as cheap Mexican food but it worked.
M.J. you rock my world baby...

I am pretty sure we sang this better than Brittney...Hit Me Baby One More Time!

and with better moves too.

Alison and Chad doing it right. He laughed most of the way through.

oh how sweet

He was just amazing...

Alison, Julie, and I are ready to pick our next song!

Julie showing Mike how it's done...

That's right back at it again.
You should just be thankful they are pictures and not a video!

Slap that...get on the floor, slap that....
Getting down on the dance floor too!

Sweet Kyle and Julie

Teaching Alison to 2step
THANK YOU Polly for helping take the amazing pictures!

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