Friday, July 31, 2009


Okay so the last update was that she got knocked up from all the sexcapades! You know my friends and I saw her and she was HUGE prego! Well just so happens that mom stopped in at my place on the way to El Campo.....

She saw the chick and was like "oh wow when are you due?" The girl goes, "what....oh the first of August." That's right people she is due like in DAYS!!! So I totally called this right, well then you will never believe what I saw.

I arrived home today to find this on their car!!!!

in case you can't read says Mr. & Mrs. Mac

that's right folks...JUST MARRIED!

Who needs marriage then babies...I mean they have done it I guess in their own way. Mostly I just keep laughing at it all... Sadness, but not is that they move out this week. The newly married and mom and dad to be have found a place of their own. Looks like I soon will have new upstairs neighbors. Hopefully they will be a little less active above!

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