Wednesday, July 29, 2009

El Campo Party Time!

Every summer Mommy and Daddy (Abby and Brian) head out for a week! Thus leaving me to spoil these two sweet faces like CRAZY! Okay honestly I don't spoil them too much, I mean I just give them what they want for a week. This week was met with many things. You see Little Bear always makes a list of things she would like to do when I am here.

Her list as follows:
  • eat sno cones every day
  • got to McDonald's
  • have a picnic at the park
  • go swimming every day
  • go to the library
  • go to the museum
  • hit Sonic for happy hour
  • play babies
  • play outside

Okay for a 5 year old she has many things to do, right? Well I can honestly say as an AMAZING Auntie I think I met almost all of the request. The first day we did the picnic at the park. Little Bear really wanted to go have a picnic and then play on the play ground. So I put Little B down for an early nap that way it wouldn't be TOO hot when we went.

While B napped Little Bear and I put together our lunches. She picked out everything from the sandwich to the drinks. It was so cute watching her make things just so. B woke up around noon (super happy) and we headed out for our picnic.

Here's Little Bear eating...she wanted to sit at the table not he blanket!
See when Auntie is in town you get to have juice boxes too....normally B can't drink these but it was a "special" occasion!! He was in heaven!

They loved going down the slides

Little Bear is a monkey bar pro! She can go across so fast!

Such a great Big Sister!
After our picnic we needed to cool off...what better way than having sno cones! I mean really!! After sno cones we spent most of the day just hanging out and playing....then that night we got to talk to mommy and daddy via skype for the first time! What a great first day of vacation with Auntie!!!

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Abby said...

They had so much fun and B totally knows you now, he looked at your picture in E's room and did the sign for Auntie and said where?