Monday, July 20, 2009

News from up above...

Okay so the past week or two has not been to normal we shall say....I have been in and out from my apartment so much too. The other day prior to heading to Amarillo I noticed the crazy sexy mania's people car had some interesting receipts in it. I then began to think to my self...yes JUMP JUMP JUMP to conclusions.

These two up above are straight out of college so in their early 20's we will say. Oh and they went to Abilene Christan (I think that adds to why the have crazy sex). Well the receipts I saw in their car are not ones that just 20 year olds have. They were from BABIES R US!! Okay so I immediately think OMG all that sex now a baby! Then as I am telling my friend she says, well maybe a friend is having a baby. Okay I would totally go with that but it was like 6 different receipts. No one buys 6 gifts for a friend....RIGHT? However, I still had no proof of anything.

Therefore on Friday my amazing friends wanted to cheer me up some, so we all took off for the pool. After the pool we headed to my apartment to shower. Just as we were walking out to the car the "sex people" pulled into the spot next to mine. (we have assigned parking) We loaded up the car and kind of waited around. They were not getting as I pulled away I asked the girls to check out my theory. WOW! WOW! WOW! She is major PREGO! The girls think she looked at least 4-5 months along. I now know why I have not been hearing all the moaning, thumping, and more from up stairs. I was really hoping they were buying gifts for friends....but nope! I also heard from the front office that they are moving out here at then end of summer. Yes, because I don't think the room mate wants to live with a baby too!

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