Monday, July 27, 2009

These faces...

This is normally the face you would see the day SANTA comes....However, these are also the faces that will ARRIVE today! Why? Today is the day we pick up these crazies from the airport. These faces below cause the faces made up top!
Of cours we have our sign ready to go to pick up Mommy and Daddy! Little Bear and I spent a good nap time making it. Then of course we added a hand for Little Monkey who can't really "write"! I have gotten my computer back (yeah) so soon we will have our post up about our crazy week together. I love my week with the kids we have such a blast. I am sure mommy and daddy had fun to; but ours was probably a little bit better on a kid scale. At 2:30 we will have the HAPPIEST FACES in the WORLD!!!

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