Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding Website!

I have been very busy working on wedding things! I believe I have majority of the addresses in and ready to go. However, there are always a few people who are not quick email responders. You know I wonder what wedding planning would be like with out the Internet! I can only imagine much harder...I mean I was only a senior in High School when Abby and Brian got married. Therefore, I don't really remember all the details. What I remember most is:
  • They had a YEAR to plan the event
  • I had to laying sod in the front yard
  • Stuffing tubes with candies and I think a book mark (?)
  • Wrapping up the bubbles so they looked cute
  • Her final Wedding Dress fitting
  • Oh...the church decided to remodel the week before the wedding! (that was a little drama)
  • Butterflies and goldfish for the reception

But really I think I was so busy with school ending, graduating, and tennis that I didn't pay close attention. Sorry Abby...I am now very sad I didn't pay better attention as I am now planning one of my own. Plus it is different but not since it is a destination wedding. All I know is now I am stuck calling her or mom like 100 times a day asking them, "What did you do for Abby's....."

Needless to say I am making great strides on the "TO DO LIST." The most recent item being our WEDDING WEBSITE!!! Okay so I thought long and hard before doing this. I thought what the heck I already have the blog and facebook going do I really need this too? (Plus I know how much Chris loves that I spend time on the computer!) So I tried to think if I should just create another blog to attach to my current one...or something of that sort. Then I thought that would be to hard and too much to keep up with. Plus when I wanted to blog about the wedding would I do it here...or there? How would I ever keep up, how would my followers keep up?

Instead I did it...I created "OUR" wedding website! This way I can still blog (get excited that you have 244 more days to read wedding blogs) about the wedding and such, but also have the wedding site for more direct straight forward info. You know like: when, where, how do we get there?, what will we do there? and so on! If you would like to head over and view the wedding website click HERE! I have also placed it on my side bar for easier access to all.

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