Sunday, October 04, 2009

One step closer

to being a Good Citizen Dog!!! Rock on, Winston! Today we had our last training (I am actually very sad about this) for the advance class. HE GRADUATED from ADVANCE CLASS!!!We have now taken all 3 levels offered at Petsmart. Winston's latest class was designed to help him pass the Service dog test. Not too many people sign up for the advance class. I guess it is because the puppy and intermediate cover the main training needs. Therefore, we were the only people in our class. It was amazing...I mean what a great private lesson we had. Angela our trainer really is the best ever.

Today was the day!!! GRADUATION! You know I was really nervous about that since it had to be done WITHOUT treats. When we go to take the actual good citizen dog test you can not use treats. He did pretty stinking good. He had to be able to:
  • sitting politely for petting
  • appearance and grooming
  • out for a walk
  • walking through a crowd
  • sit and come on command
  • sit and stay in place
  • reaction to another dog
  • reaction to distractions
  • supervised separation
  • say hello
Okay so you think they seem pretty easy, but they are not. (you can read all the details for each one if wish here) He does really well with most of it, but the reaction to another dog. Sadly he loves to play with other dogs and wants too. Chris is going to call and set up our BIG TEST time! In the meantime I am going to walking him around the dog park on leash trying to work this "excitement" out of him. I sure hope he can do it...we would have such fun visiting people! GREAT JOB WINSTON!!!

I love this one...he was so cute!

Here he is with all 3 diplomas! What a super dog he is!!


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The Ham Family said...

Congratulations, Winston! I am so proud of you.

Abby said...

He looks super cute in the hat. I'm glad Camp Mayberry could assist in "handles young children storming him with ease" section of your testing!